1975 John Player Norton

Why be so short with such a great bike? I know those that are looking for a John Player Norton know what it is, but what about all those people that just want to kick the tyres?

John Player was a cigarette manufacture in England who sponsored almost every kind of sport, including Norton for Endurance racing. Designer Mick Olfields arrival at Norton coincided with their success in racing and his first project was to bring the celebrated endurance racer to the street.The John Player sponsored motorcycle was very different, being one of the first to use Monocoque design, but used the reliable parallel twin. The John Player for the street numbers claimed 50hp @ 5,900 rpm. Top speed was estimated at 115mph all for a price of $2,999 when new. 

Underneath, the street bike is based on the Norton Commander of the 1970’s. The body work was a copy of  the dual headlight and full fairing necessary when racing for long hours at high speed through the night. Because fiberglass was illegal for tanks, the molded body work includes a tank over the steel gas tank underneath. There were reported only 200 made, you will see more replicas then survivors, so it is important to know the key differences if you are going to spend this kind of money. This may help.

The bike offered here is in Houston is strait and to the point.

From the seller and only two pictures

1975 John Player Norton
New Rebuild
SS Spokes
New chrome rims
Boyer Ignition
Fresh paint

$15000 or best offer

Luckily I spend a lot of time on the Internet and may have found a sort of “build thread” for this bike. It even tells one of the secrets to disquise the really thing from replicas. I cannot be sure, but the “after” picture by the builder is the same one posted by the seller, bother builder and seller are in Texas. Draw your own conclusions.


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