1975 Laverda 1000 3C for Sale

The Boys From Breganze are at it yet again!  It’s almost as if they’re being cloned, they’ve been popping up so often… This particular machine is one of the nicest Laverdas I’ve seen in a while, and it’s a Triple to boot.  It looks like it’s being offered by a seller whose bikes have been featured at this site before and features a decent video clip, although it’s marred by wind noise that masks the snarling exhaust slightly.

The Laverda 3C was the three-cylinder successor to the 750 twins.  Introduced in 1973, the 3C displaced 981cc’s, made about 80hp and ran to 130mph.  The early machines used a 180 degree crank, with pistons oriented “one up, two down”.  This was great for performance, but these motors were almost as famous for their vibration as they were for the power they made.  Later bikes featured a 120 degree crank and had a much smoother character as a result, but lost some of their hard edge.








In this case, it looks like someone’s built what is very nearly my dream bike: it’s just an orange paint-job away from perfection.  Although this particular 3C features some Jota performance parts, it is not an original Jota.  However, this is not necessarily such a bad thing, unless you’re a collector looking for a museum piece: the Jota was not originally developed by the factory.  It was conceived as a bit of a hot rod and modified by British importers Slater Bros, who saw that the newly introduced 3C had serious untapped performance potential.  So, while this isn’t a true, authentic Jota, it’s perhaps even better: real Jota’s are as rare as hen’s teeth here in the US and you should get most of that bike’s performance in a slightly less precious package.








You can find the original eBay listing here: 1975 Laverda 1000 3C for Sale.  It looks to be a very clean example and sports Jota pistons and cams.  Aside from those desirable internal modifications, the eBay listing mentions a comprehensive list of updates and general maintenance items:

  • This is a  clean turn key bike  
  •  Borrani Alloy rims
  • Brembo brakes
  • Rebuilt & sync 32 mm Dellortos Carbs
  • Red paint is ok but the tank is peeling near the gas cap 
  • The chrome is in outstanding shape no pitting
  • gas charged  piggy back marzocchi Rear shocks
  • The OEM Exhaust is very clean and solid and shines like new
  •  The engine is very clean, no broken fins.
  •  The seat is from a 750 SFII and is in good condition including original tool kit
  • service/owner manuals.
  •  All the electrical works as it should 
  •  newer battery
  • Overall condition of this bike is excellant
  • new oil
  • fresh brake fluid
  • cleaned & sync carbs
  • very clean tank fresh premium
  • 3 new plugs
  • rear sets
  • SFC /JOTA adjustable bars
  • newer tires  

One of my favorite machines, in very fine fettle.  Worth a serious look, especially if you’re a fan of the overbuilt beasts from Laverda.


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  1. Bill Fanning says:

    HA , nice machine , how much for the jota? email me location and the amount. Thanks.