1975 Norton Commando MK III

Norton Commando For Sale

A Baxter Bikes restoration? Usually once a bike goes through Baxter Bikes and is sold you never see it again. Like there’s some special place that has perfect bikes stored and only owners of said perfect bikes are aloud to know of it’s location. The kind of place that if you found by mistake you might have to be killed to keep the secret safe. No loose ends sort of thing, sorry it’s just business. Actually I have no idea if bikes restored at Baxter have any clout at all. Its sounds good though and after checking out their site I did see and endless page of customer reviews praising the place for helping them get their British bike back on the road. The seller of this Norton certainly considers them to be top notch. I also looked up a few brochures from that time period and the bike could easily be one of the ones I saw in there almost 40 year old pics.


This bike falls into the category of “bikes that maybe shouldn’t be ridden but I would”. With only 2114 miles on it I would feel guilty every time I saw that odometer roll over another mile. Well, maybe. Something tells me I might be to busy thinking about how fast I can take the next corner or if that’s a cop to notice most of those blasphemous miles. In other words I should not own a bike like this but maybe you should. Maybe you’re single or you have a “cool” wife that will let you store motorcycles in your front room. Maybe you are the “cool”  wife  and you’re looking for something for the husband that has everything. Maybe you’r the “cool” wife that wants the bike for her self. Maybe you own a museum or volunteer at one. If you’re one of those types of people check this bike out. You can also check it out of you’re just into looking at cool bikes.


Here’s the seller’s account of this very well documented motorcycle.


Really Rare, Gorgeous, correct, stock, matching number

Please read all paperwork-includes recent letter & documentation from original owner-who only put aprox 2,114 miles, after 34 years of storage (see owner documentation-certified mileage, titles, sold to Baxter Bikes, renouned English Bike Restorer, who disassembled, completely rebuilt bike, repainted in rare MK III Red White & Blue colors, new exhausts-put on 3 test miles to 2,117 miles-which is current documented original miles- (see 2 page Baxter Bikes parts & labor enclosed).

I’ve only ridden 2 blocks in almost 3 years since purchased!

Final & BEST year of this amazing, landmark Mortorcycle…only year with Electric Start (also rebuilt).

No motorcycle collection complete without a Norton, and this is the one to have-final & most desired stock Norton, and impossible to find with mileage this low!

Bought bike from Mid-America Motorcycle auctions, when delivered, my wife refused to look at the bike.

For 3 years, just considered putting in Living Room & admiring!

This bike will do nothing but appreciate!

You won’t find one as pure, honest, & with this mileage-very, very rare.

Realistic reserve.

So, click here to see this cream puff’s auction and turn your screen to read the documents not your neck like I did. I’m neck will be stiff for days now.



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  1. Newport Pagnell says:

    Nice! These bikes look fast just sitting….the sweep of pipes and the tilt of the engine…hells yeah!