1975 Rickman Kawasaki Z1 Turbo

With a title like this, you can imagine that there will be a few different groups of people following the auction of this 1975 Kawasaki Z1 Turbo. Those who covet any Rickman frame will have this auction saved. Those who feel that a turbo should have been on motorcycles from the beginning will have an eye on this one. Then there are those who are the fan of the donor for this party, the Z1 Kawasaki crowd. So if you are interested in all three, then here you go.

From the seller

Rare, classic Rickman Turbo-charged Kawasaki Z1 900. This bike was left to me by my brother (deceased) so I can’t relate the entire history of this motorcycle. The bike has been garage kept and has not been run prior to my receiving it for close to 30 years, and has only 4057 mi. showing on the speedometer.

When ever reviving a motorcycle from a long slumber, there are going to be issues. Whether those issues are large or small depends mostly on luck. Was the bike put aside because of changes in the owners lifestyle. Or was the bike put in storage because of a big huge bang and sudden stop at the side of the road? The seller leads you to believe the former and not the latter.

More from the seller

The bike does start and run very well, and from taking short test rides several times I’ve found that all essential functions, clutch, shifter, and brakes do work. As far as the fuel system, the bike originally had (most likely added at some time by my brother)a small electric fuel pump, which was removed and lost by the shop, I replaced this with another small custom fuel pump which seems to function very well.

So, it looks like it is all there and just needs to be put right. This could be considered a project by most. But the fact that there is a Turbo attached, might put it out of reach for some week end wrenches’. I would imagine if this is your first turbo bike, there would be a huge learning curve, similar to the power curve that this bike could display.

More from the seller

The shop also rebuilt the front forks and sent out the Turbo (Rajay Turbocharger, Model# 370F60, Serial# 119, Part#TC110-99), to be rebuilt. That motorcycle shop closed down suddenly, and much of the work I had wanted done was never accomplished; such as rebuilding the carb (Bendix/Zenith carburetor) and the front and rear brakes (Lockheed – stamped RE6D and CPZ195-1-2 on calipers) and basic tune-up.

So if you are looking for some key words when buying a motorcycle, this 1975 Kawasaki hits a few. Turbo. Rickman. Z1. And once its all sorted, the three of them together would produce a very exciting ride. BB

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