1976 Ducati 750SS

When I first took a look at this listing on eBay, I had an involuntary expletive come out. Followed up closely with a less offensive “Really $65,000 opening bid?”

Don’t get me wrong, I have really fallen in love with the Ducati Super Sports from the 1970’s, but really in the way that I love Heidi Klum. They look stunning, have great performance, no one has ever said a bad thing about them. And did I say sexy? Someone that my wife would not mind if I dated because she thinks they are beautiful as well. But when it comes down to it, only Seal could marry Heidi Klum, and only Seal could own this Ducati 750SS.

The seller is a specialist in those bike you dream about and I often stop buy their web page to see what they have on offer. Selling on eBay might widen their exposure, but just like their web page, they let the pictures do the talking.

From the seller

Please call Michael Kiernan at (314)772-5758

All inspections are welcome. Please call Michael Kiernan at 314 772 5758 with any questions regarding this vehicle, shipping and storage. Or e-mail Sales@MichaelsMotorcycles.com

As we have shown before the 750SS is a great performing bike, with the quirk being that there are fewer 750SS then 900SS because the bigger bike was only slight more expensive. Buyers of the time dictated how few real 750ss were made, and the smart money in the 1970’s would have been on the 750SS. So make the call, send the email, do your research and find out if this bike began as a 750SS. At this price I would expect a signed letter from Dr Fabio Taglioni put this bike together himself.


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2 Responses

  1. ducbill999s says:

    wow! a nip slip on CSBFS! officially my favorite website now!

  2. NutCracker says:

    The one thing you can count on when you buy a bike from Michael’s in St Lou is you are going to overpay. Guaranteed.