1976 Ducati 860GT Hailwood Replica

I think that the GT moniker has lost some of it history over the years. If you asked around, how many people do you think would know what GT is short for? If you are looking for a Grant Tourer, there may be no better motorcycle then the Ducati 860GT, and this 1976 860GT Hailwood Replica would allow you to tour in style.

 From the seller

This is an AMAZING bike and I hate to let it go, but I am just not mechanic enough for a project like this.

I have owned the bike since 2000 and have replaced the controls, some wiring, fuel lines, suspension, tires. The 860 motor was bored when I purchased and has always been an issue. I have had it rebuilt 2x and it is currently NOT RUNNING and in need of a 3rd rebuild. This is top end repair only.

From the factory, the 860GT offered up its 864cc of L twin and would develop 65hp at 7250rpm. Two 32mm Dell’orto’s fed the bevel drive, sprung valves (no Desmo here) to a top speed of  107mph. This was all done with styling from Giorgio Giugiaro, and frame by Dr Taglioni. Now the square corners designed by Senior Giugiaro have never been a hit with most people, and the seller of this bike switched those corners up for some beautiful curves.

More from the seller.

Bike has been sitting for 4 years. Time to give it up and let someone with the time and funds enjoy this great bike. Bike is beautiful and certainly a head turner, but has various minor cosmetic dings and issues.

This bike is a work in progress, and will need some sorting to get it up and running. But as a starting point, you could do a lot worse. And as the lady pictured with the bike shows, even in the condition it is in, you will be able to get some attention. BB

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