1976 Laverda 3C 1000 for Sale


Laverda Triples are big and burly, like Italian Kawasaki Z900s: manly machines with stiff controls, tall saddles, and stable handling.  Bikes heavy enough to bend their own center stands if you’re not careful…

The 3C was Laverda’s follow up to the line 750 “Super Freni” twins, a multi-cylinder answer to turbine-smooth, big-bore competition from Japan.  It had the displacement, power, and physicality to be in the hunt with those machines, but lacked their smoothness: the early 180° camshafts made great power and an unholy noise, but produced vibration to suit the bike’s aggressive character…

1976 Laverda 3C 1000 for Sale. The orginal eBay listing suggests that the seller is pretty meticulous and is upfront about the fact that, while the condition of the bike is excellent, he is not 100% sure the mileage is accurate because the speedometer cable has been repaired at some point.


When I bought the bike the tail pipes had been plugged but there was gas in the tank and what appeared to be the original battery. The tank had rust in it so I had it boiled and lined by a local radiator shop. I put new Bridgestone tires on front and rear. The front and rear calipers were rebuilt with OEM parts. The rear master cylinder was replaced with OEM rebuilt. I installed a new battery and purchased a new starter. In the last 2 weeks I had the carbs removed, rebuilt and synched and the bar which activates the rear brake repaired. The oil was just changed, new plugs, and air filter was cleaned. My mechanic also added 3 stone gas filters which are not stock. I bought two side covers and badges and had them painted by a local painter.

The bike sat in dry storage for approximately 25 years and its cosmetic condition was quite good. I believe the tank is in original paint but I’m not sure. There are some marks, nicks, and scratches on the tank. The right side Laverda emblem also has some blemishes. It can be replaced as it is a screw in emblem. The chrome, exhaust and fenders are in excellent condition. Some of the handle bar and plastic around the lights are pitted but nothing (my opinion) that takes away from the bikes beautiful lines. The seat has a tear in the seam. The black frame has chips and could use paint in places. The tail painted are has about a 2″ crack by the pin stripping. The turn signals, horn, and lights all work.

Yesterday was the first day I rode the bike and the gentleman who worked on it explained it should have the chain adjusted as it is too tight and also have the sprockets cleaned. I would also change all the brake pads which are available on Ebay or from Laverda spare specialists. I use Columbia Car and Cycle in Canada. The owner, Wolfgang is a wealth of knowledge and just first class when it comes to ordering Laverda parts. Really nice man….. I have a new pair of hand grips that will go with the bike. The bike starts up quickly and sounds great.

I do not play games and try to be very accurate with my descriptions. The bike shows 8600 miles which at first I believed to be accurate. Once I looked into the bike more I noticed that the speedo/odometer cable was repaired at some time. If it was it may have more miles then the clock says. Everyone who looked at it believes it is a low mileage example. The speedo and tach are crystal clear and have not seen much sun or weather. I only add this about the cable as I have no other paperwork with the bike to verify mileage. I do have paperwork for almost everything I have done which will be included with the bike.

I do not have a BIN and will not disclose reserve. I do not want to trade for anything. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. I will allow bike to be shipped overseas but please look into prices before you bid. The bike comes with what looks to be an original tool kit, a shop manual and one set of keys.


As I’ve stated previously: if I’m buying a Laverda, I’d prefer an orange one. But this one looks to be a very nice example.  Famously overbuilt, this is a perfect choice for the vintage bike enthusiast who wants to actually ride their ride, not simply show it off or hide it away in a heated garage.



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