1977 XLCR on Ebay

Here we have Harley’s first attempt at a sport bike/cafe racer. This is the famous design of Willie G. Davidson, who took a regular Sportster and added all the cafe racer “must-haves” of the era: 1/4 fairing, long low tank, rearsets, drag bars and XR750 inspired  solo tailpiece.

The XLCR was to Harley Davidson what the Edsel was to Ford! They sat in the showrooms while customers bought regular Sportsters in droves!

If you wanted a bike that could handle the curves, accelerate like  a rocket, and stop on a dime, this bike would do none of the above!  LOL! But they are great to look at! Put it in your living room (with a drip pan underneath) and admire.

This bike looks like a good chance to buy in on the XLCR cult at the low end.

This bike listed has some faults including jumping out of gear and some smoking  on start up.

The owner claims to have over $9000 into it, so ask for receipts to prove these claims. Aside from the very hard to find cosmetics and siamese exhaust (which look good on this bike), these bikes are very easy to get parts for (basically a tarted up Sportster).

I loved (and still love) these bikes. I used to drool over the great ad’s Harley put in CyleWorld in ’77.  Cool bikes!!



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