1977 Yamaha King Kenny replica

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Many of the bikes that I bring to these pages are eye catching. Flipping through eBay, this 1977 Yamaha RD400 King Kenny replica in yellow and black, and full fairing defiantly stopped me. What I was hoping for was a story about how this bike came to be.

From the seller

This is a race bike for the track or street. CA clean titled, plated  and registered. It has new wiring, new brakes, new top end rebuild with pistons, rings and seals. All professionally done at Motorcycle Performance in L.A. It has the rare Moto Carrera fairings and rear sets.



Was this a commissioned build? Was it passed on from the builder to the seller as just another sale? There would have been so much effort put into the build, I would hope the seller would add more about it.

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 More from the seller

It is modeled after the 1978 championship bike. This is a rocket ship for the street not for the faint hearted.

Its a kick start that always turns over on the first or second kick. Has electronic ignition conversion.

What else.? The reserve is low so bid happy. I can help buyer with shipping company I use and so do all my buddies.

This bike MUST GO. Baby and broken collarbone bills force the sale.


What I can see from the few pictures is that there is a great big vented front disk brake. Is this a RD400 unit that spent some time on a drill press, or has a bigger and better unit sources from the Yamaha bins? If it is bigger and better, was a bigger, better, stronger front end added? The rear shocks look to be 21st century, but the rear disk looks to be what you would find on a stock.

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The seller says that this 1977 Yamaha RD400 is a tribute to Kenny Roberts 1978 year, and not a bad year for the man who would become King. This was the year that Kenny became the first American Grand Prix Champion. He would race the 250cc, 500cc and Formula 750 series, entering as many races as possible to learn the unfamiliar track of Europe as quickly as possible. Beginning with a victory by lapping the field at Daytona, and ended with Kenny Roberts finishing in front of Barry Sheene at the Nürburgring. When you throw your leg over this bike, will you imagine yourself at Daytona, or the Nürburgring? BB


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