1978 BMW R100RS for Sale

1978 BMW R100RS R Front

The Germans have such a singular way of blending practical and sporting elements into their cars: the BMW’s 3-series sedan is historically so practical, but full of quality engineering and responsive rear-wheel-drive handling. The VW GTI is a box on wheels, but truly one of the most iconic real-world sporting cars of all time.  Even Porsche’s 911 can be considered relatively practical, when compared to cars from Ferrari or Lamborghini. German motorcycles are built along the same, very conservative lines: I love how these are so upright and dorky, efficient, practical, aber sehr sportlich. 

Although you can’t hide that monstrous engine behind a bulbous fairing: it seems to stick out everywhere, bulging like an overstuffed wurst.

1978 BMW R100RS L Rear

The R100RS was BMW’s flagship sport-touring model at the time. Introduced in 1977, it made 70hp and had a top speed of 108mph, which could be achieved in relative comfort, thanks to the wind-tunnel-designed wrap-around fairing that made the machine an unruffled, all-weather device designed to cover big distances at high speed.  Handling was extremely stable, rather than nimble, as befits its intended mission.

The original ad is straight and to-the-point, written so efficiently as to leave out things like lowercase letters. Luckily for you, I had a few moments to translate the original listing into something that is a bit easier to read. From the original eBay listing 1978 BMW R100RS for Sale

This is a beautifully restored R100RS with 67,000km/ approx 41,000 miles

  • European bike headlight on/off switch
  • Longer front fender
  • Powdercoated wheels
  • Upgraded forks with new seals
  • Resr [reservoir?] shocks [they appear to be Ohlins]
  • New brakes with stainless brake lines
  • All fluids changed
  • Carbs cleaned and balanced
  • New Odessey battery and electronic ignition
  • Cafe reverse cone mufflers sound great
  • Runs great looks great, everything works as it should
  • Rear bag mounts shown but not included

1978 BMW R100RS L Rear Wheel

In spite of the relatively minimal information, the ad does include a video of the bike.  I love videos! And those mufflers sound pretty great.

I have to admit: dorky as these are, there’s something so cool about them, that practical sportiness that infuses German cars and bikes. And some of these 70’s BMW’s are still really cheap. The earlier “toaster tank” models are getting pricey but, if you’re not scared off by the mileage these accumulate, they’re pretty darn affordable, and very practical as far as classics go. Find a set of those vintage, briefcase-y hard bags, pack up the missus, and head out on the highway, looking for adventure, or whatever comes your way.

Look, I’ve seen Easy Rider a few times, and hardtails look like a pretty terrible choice if you plan to ride across the country…


1978 BMW R Rear

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  1. William says:

    Those are cheap shit eBay shocks.
    Would never buy a bike from someone that thought they were okay for a street bike, let alone someone stupid enough to think they were ohlins