1979 Ducati 900SS Biggelaar

When you see something that looks familiar, you will gravitate towards it. When I saw this 1979 Ducati 900 SS, I said to myself something is just not right. And looking closer it was obvious that this Italian was wearing a lot more then you usually find on these Iconic 1970’s Ducati’s

From the seller

For sale is my 1979 classic Ducati 900 Super Sport (R). The bike was build in 1979 straight from the crate by Dutch Ducati specialist Biggelaar in the town of Oirschot. In total 5 of these bikes were build, 3 for racing and 2 for road use, this is one of those 2. In 2008 the bike returned to Biggelaar for a complete restoration, its was then displayed at their 40 years celebration as a eye catcher. After restoration I have just driven it once for 25 km so it needs to be run in still now.

Doing a quick search I found that Biggelaar is a Dutch company that has been selling and racing Ducati’s since 1966. It appears that at first they only sold the small single cylinder offerings from Ducati. But soon they began to race Ducati’s in road and Endurance racing. The body work on this Ducati leads me to believe that there was some cross over from the company’s race efforts to what they offered to their customers.

With the racing background and a the little that the seller shares, I am going to say that this bike offers a little bit more then stock. Could their be bigger carbs? Bigger pistons? Higher Compression? Bigger valves? These are all possible trickle down items from racing efforts. The only way to really find out is buy this 1979 Ducati 900ss by Biggelaar, ship it over here, ride it around until the winter comes and crack it open. BB

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2 Responses

  1. David Cran says:

    I was fortunate enough to be a regular a Biggelaar shop in 79 and 80 and the guys there were doing some lovely work on these specials. At the time you could use a standard 900 ss as a donor bike and they would modify to your specs as you could afford. They would replace the body work and I can say it is a gorgeous design, beautiful proportions and made an already great bike into a fully bespoke machine that rivaled the real NCR machines, making the lame Ducati MHR replica lookalike a porky a marketing afterthought by an ailing manufacturer.

    I recall Jaan at the time was doing a very sexy red Pantah version. This offering is an outstanding piece of Euro craftsmanship and wish at the time I’d signed over my new black and gold SS for a transformation – all the best to everyone involved