1979 Ducati 900SS for Sale: No Reserve!

1979 Ducati 900SS L Side

Not much time left on this one!  Ducati’s 1970’s SS models are among the most collectable Ducatis ever built.  While the earlier, “round-case” SuperSports represent the pinnacle of Ducacti’s v-twin “race-bike-for-the-street” style, very few were made, and a perfect, unrestored 750SS remains a sort of unicorn for Ducati collectors.

The 900SS [actually 864cc] introduced in 1975 had a much longer production run and was naturally made in much larger quantities.  It used the “square-case” motor introduced in the 860GT and reflected both a natural evolution of the package and Ducati’s need to meet global regulations: the gearshift migrated to the left side, mufflers got quieter, and mechanical/electrical improvements made the bike somewhat more reliable.

1979 Ducati 900SS Dash

The 1979 model was the first to feature cast aluminum, instead of spoked, wheels and the beautiful black-and-gold paint scheme shown here.

All of these changes were designed to keep an aging product relevant: at the time, the bikes were obviously growing pretty long in the tooth.  But they’re very collectible now, combining classic sportbike looks and the well-developed quality so often characteristic of the last of any breed.

1979 Ducati 900SS R Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1979 Ducati 900SS for Sale!

  • Engine is like new inside and compression is good and equal.  I was told that the person who restored this motorcycle had the engine gone through by a Ducati specialist at the time of restoration.  I believe this to be true based on inspection but there are no bills to confirm this(well over a decade ago, about 5k miles ago in my estimation).  Whoever did work on this engine did a masterful job.  It starts on the first kick. It will sit there and idle cleanly even when cold.  It is smooth and quiet internally.
  • Transmission shift pefectly, clutch is smooth and light with excellent feedback.
  • All gauges function properly and all controls function smoothly and properly.
  • Brake calipers rebuilt and in perfect working order.  Pads are almost new.
  • Conti Exhausts and a pair of Dellorto PHM40 BS carbs(these were factory upgrades). It pulls like a freight train and sounds incredible.

1979 Ducati 900SS Tank

If you’re shopping for one of these, you likely know the ins and outs of the model.  Including the fact that, although technically a 1979 model, it’s titled as a 1980!  A long production run and parts interchangability means replicas and mongrels are out there, and if you pay top dollar, you want to make sure you’re dealing with the real item.

This one has been relisted: previously, it did not meet his reserve.  But he’s decided it’s time to sell, so this is a no reserve auction and highest bid takes it!


1979 Ducati 900SS R Side

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