1979 Ducati 900SS

I think there are some motorcycles that stand out and can be appreciated by people who don’t ride. Someone who couldn’t tell a spark plug from a carburetor will stop to take a second and third look at this bike. From the first 750ss that won the Imola 200 in 1972 to this Black 1979 900SS, all drop dead gorgeous.

I would love to have this bike parked in my living room, but for 32 years only averaging 28 miles a year?  I didn’t think that the riding season in Canada was that short.

From the seller

This black 900 Super Sport only has 920 original miles!  It is a rare find in this colour combination…. the motor has never been apart and the muffler never removed…. Everything is original except for the Magura Handlebars…. When he changed the handlebars the steering stops were not adjusted correctly and therefore there are two dents.

The Desmodromic engine designed by Dr Fabio Taglioni measures 864cc by 86.0×74.4mm bore and stroke, 70 HP at 7,000 rpm with a top speed of 132 mph. Changes over the 9 yr run included  the design of the engine case, going from the older round case to the later square case, to correct some early problems. Cast wheels replaced spoke wheels, paint choices were added. But over the years the wins continued, to include the 1978 Isle of Man TT F1.

We always say that pictures sell, but in this case the poor indoor pictures are not going to take away from this beautiful bike. until the bidding ends, the exchange rate may work in your favor.

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