1979 Honda CBX for Sale

1979 Honda CBX R Front Low

Many American muscle cars are desirable not so much for their style but for the mill under the hood: a  Dodge Swinger is basically a small box on top of a bigger box. And they’re not even very nice boxes… But with a Hemi under the hood, you’ve really got something.

In the same way, Honda’s CBX is fairly generic in terms of styling, with basic Universal Japanese Motorcycle design cues: unfaired, with a simple fuel tank and side panels, upright riding position, and a twin-shock rear end. Later, the CBX morphed into a sport-tourer with hard bags, a full fairing, and a monoshock rear. But in both iterations the massive looking engine that powers it is thankfully on full display and looks every bit as special as the specifications would suggest.

1979 Honda CBX L Engine Palm

The bike went on sale in 1979 and the inline-six configuration was meant to hark back to Honda’s 1960’s racing machines, although it seems strange they’d wait so long to capitalize on their racing successes. And it seems even stranger that they’d put this aluminum tribute to competition success in a relatively heavy bike that was more “GT” than “R.” The 1047cc engine featured 24 valves, dual overhead cams and a bank of six carburetors, and intake/exhaust plumbing to make you swoon or groan, depending on whether you were planning to ride it or work on it.

1979 Honda CBX Dash Palm

From the original eBay listing: 1979 Honda CBX for Sale

I am the second owner. I bought the bike from the original owner in California. He bought the bike brand new in 1979. The bike is totally original with the exception of the headers, the rear Koni shocks, the front fork brace and the added front fork air with equalizer tube.

 Tires and chain are very good. I repaired the whole brake system,(new pads and fluid), change the oil recently.The bike is running . Awesome sound.

As I stated the bike is not a 100% show bike. But it is very easy to bring her back to her original beauty. Small crack in the rear seat fairing. Small dings in the tank and scratches on the front fender( has to be painted). The engine needs a couple of polished parts ( Clutch cover, engine covers…) . Of course a good cleaning of the carbs would not hurt. But the bike is starting and running! If you ever dreamed of owning a Honda CBX, here is your chance !!Comes with the original tool kit Shop manual.

1979 Honda CBX Tank Detail Palm

Interestingly, the bike didn’t sell especially well although, this being a Honda, that’s all relative: the model did stick around for a few years and two generations and plenty of examples can be found if you look, ranging from low-mileage original examples to Spondon-framed custom streetfighters. This one appears to be pretty much bone-stock, although many CBX’s get upgraded with modern forks, shocks, tires, and brakes to improve what was fairly mediocre handling when it was new. Crashbars also make practical sense, although they are generally an eyesore.

This is one of my bucket-list bikes although it competes for a slot with the slightly more exotic Benelli Sei. With a BuyItNow price of $7,999, the Honda should be much less of a headache to run and get parts for, so if you’re looking to actually ride your musclebike, it’s probably the one to go for.


1979 Honda CBX R Side Palm

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