1980 Ducati Darmah for Sale

1980 Ducati Darmah L Side

Resplendent in black with gold lettering and striping, this Ducati Darmah was one of the last of the bevel-drive v-twin Ducatis, before the introduction of the belt-drive Pantah series. Introduced in 1977 after the 860 failed to ignite the loins of Ducatisti, the Darmah was styled relatively conservatively, but handsomely. It also included the usual evolutionary developments, including an electric starter.

1980 Ducati Darmah Dash

A bike for real roads, not the racetracks most of these bikes will, let’s be honest, never see, the Darmah is sexy and practical in ways a SuperSport is not. As gorgeous as the SS may be, you can’t really deny the appeal of a bit of comfort, style that isn’t trying too hard to convince, and the ability to carry a sexy young thing on the back. Or a sexy old thing, if you happen to have one of those on hand.

1980 Ducati Darmah Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1980 Ducati Darmah for Sale

Up for auction is a beautiful 2 owner 1980 Ducati Darmah SD900. I believe it to actually be a 1979 that was first sold and registered in the US in 1980. This is based on the engine number and the the stamp inside the storage compartment at the rear of the bike as seen in the last picture. This original, unmolested, matching numbers motorcycle runs and rides perfectly. It has the original paint which is flawless on the tank and has only a couple of minor scratches on the top of the side covers. This is not quite a show bike as it has some minor surface rust on a few nuts and bolts however it is a super clean example of this model that could be brought up to concourse condition easily. Comes with the original owners manual.

Currently registered in California through the end of June 2014.
Original Speedline wheels in perfect condition.
Brand new NOS Conti pipes. Also comes with original Silentium pipes.
36mm Dell Orto carbs.
Brand New Avon Road Rider tires.
Brand New battery.

1980 Ducati Darmah Conti

Bidding is up to $10,000 with three days left. This one looks like it’s ready to ride, with fresh tires and a new battery. For a while, Darmahs were pretty affordable, as far as bevel-drive twins went. But no more: with a bit more cache than the 860, they’re really just a rung or two below the 750GT and, like all bevels, increasing in value.

This is actually my favorite era of Ducati graphics. The current logo leaves me very cold, but this parallel-line design is so classic, sporty, and clean. I personally love modern Ducatis done up in this style.


1980 Ducati Darmah R Side

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2 Responses

  1. Jess says:

    “For a while, Darmahs were pretty affordable, as far as bevel-drive twins went. But no more” Tad, that ain’t no joke, Just back in 2009 you could pick one like this one up for about $6K pretty easy, and a good Darmah SS for about $7.5K. Not any more, the price of bevel drives have exploded in the last 5 years.

  2. Aaron M. says:

    Is anybody following the pricing of the singles? I have a ’66 Sebring with the full cafe treatment including the Ceriani front end. I’ve had it for over a decade but really have no solid idea of the value. The singles seem to come in three flavors: minty-stock restorations, project bikes in boxes, and either full or near-race setups. A current pricing guide would make a good post.