1980 NCR Replica Ducati Pantah 500SL Race Bike for Sale

1980 NCR Pantah Replica L Side Front

This is a pretty cool machine, a track-ready Ducati with NCR-replica parts like the very cool one-piece tank-and-tail section.  The Pantah was really the first Ducati of the modern age, a significant update of the earlier bevel-drive, tower-shaft twins that moved the company into the big leagues of bike manufacturing.  Originally a 500cc machine, it was quickly boosted to the 600, then 750, 900 and beyond.  And NCR is still around, making if-you-have-to-ask parts for well-heeled Ducatisti.

1980 NCR Pantah Replica R Engine

Modern trackbikes are tools.  That’s really the point: the bike itself is just a device for going fast, to develop your skill, connect you to the road.  But honestly, it’s a bit hard sometimes to tell the GSX-R’s from the ZX’s and the CBR’s and the 600’s and the 1000’s apart on track days as they go screaming past, and that does get a bit boring sometimes.  So things like this pique my interest:

1980 NCR Pantah Replica Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1980 NCR Replica Pantah 500SL Race Bike for Sale

This is a NCR race replica but I’m not really sure about much of the history. It’s very nicely done with some great upgraded hard parts like:

Bigger Brembo brakes

Marzocchi front end


Bitubo rear shocks 2-way adjustable


NCR replica bodywork

All electrical done very professionally with keyless ignition.

Race tach with shift light and billet fairing stay

I will show as much as I can in Pictures but I wish I knew more about the build because this really isn’t just thrown together in some guys garage.

Needs float bowl retainers and throtle cable to get the carbs together and have it running. I heard the motor run by spraying gas into the carb intake but have never had it riding.

1980 NCR Pantah Replica Bracket

This looks like it could be a great way to combine a love of track days and a love of vintage Ducatis! Will it be as fast as a modern machine?  Certainly not.  Will it challenge you and reward you and possibly require a bit more maintenance?  You bet it will. Clearly some real love has gone into it: just take a look at that fairing bracket!


1980 NCR Pantah Replica L Side Rear


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