1981 Ducati 900 Super Sport

To bad you won’t be able to fly and ride this one home. You will get a work out reading the sellers description, so I will try to hit the highlights. What I can tell is this is a Ducati 900SS that seems to have been loved and worked on by the current owner, and has spend some time traveling the world. From the original purchase in Italy, to England, and to its final destination in New Zealand. This Bevel dream has been around.

Some words from the seller (edited down)

The frame # is 90409. The engine # is 091741 (ON LHS Crankase) It is also, on RHS, marked with a “D” centrally above “DM860″….Mileage  -Since the rebuild in late 2002 (just before shipping from UK to NZ) it has done approx 6200 miles – odometer mileage currently 36190 (I can’t recall the original mileage when I  bought it)…If you want a concourse museum piece then this ain’t your bike. If you want a bike that been ridden, sounds as it should, seen a handful of TTs and a few race tracks, turns plenty of heads (and ears:) and has the potential to be spruced up into excellent condition that this is the bike for you It has the six spoked FPS mags (Not the dodgy speed lines) and six bolt discs.

The 900SS had grown out of the very popular 750 Super Sport which was a celebration of Paul Smart’s victory at Imola. The 900SS having the effective Desmo head, HUGE 40mm Dell’orto’s, and barley muffled exhaust. This combo gave the 900 Super Sport power number of 80hp at 7500 rpm, 12.6 ¼ mile times, and a top speed of 124.5mph. This example has the later cast wheels installed, but the seller includes some spoke wheels, and Classic Sports bikes need spokes.

More from the seller

The following items are non-standard on this bike:

  • Front shocks and head clamps are not painted which suggest they may be non standard – Probably they are from a Darmah
  • Headers are Keihan Stainless Steel Replicas and the Sharp eyed will notice the bends are for the MHR which gives slightly more clearance
  • Exhaust Balance Pipe is a Stainless Steel Keihan Replica
  • Mufflers (if you can call them that) are Keihan Stainless steel Contis.
  • Exhaust clamps are not Conti clamps and are not stainless
  • Rear indicators are after market – I have the Rear indicator support/bracket for CEV – Stainless Probably aftermarket – this will go with the bike.
  • Rear Shocks are Konis (Dial a ride) with adjustable rebound damping – I have some Alloy Fontana’s a popular aftermarket part in the mid 80’s which go with the Buy Now parts bundle
  • Fuel Cap is opened with a push button – generally they were opened by key
  • Battery is held on by a Bungee Cord in true NZ fashion
  • Swaged Aeroquip brake lines (Enforced by NZ Warrant of Fitness regulations for idiots who can’t tell the difference between a bango bolt and a crimp nut)
  • Black Brembo Callipers with rain/dust caps – Ian Falloon says that most had goldlines
  • K&N Air Filters
  • Custom built muffler/footpeg bolt spacer to enable sufficient clearance for muffler and sufficient thread for pillions pegs. My wife loves a good ride!!
  • Fabricated Aluminium Dash
  • After Market Perspex Fairing (New)
  • Regulator/Rectifier – from a Honda SuperDream (also known in London Courier circles as WetDream) – this is way stronger than the dodgy Ducati one
  • Rear seat glued shut – to stop it falling off
  • Oil Pump is an after market high flow with no loss of pressure
  • Dip stick is after market magnetic
  • Aftermarket clutch actuation arm to ease clutch pull
  • Bevel Heaven Crankcase saver (from chain rubbing on it) modification


  • Left Side cover – The other cover (with dull wear scratch see photo) will be supplied with the bike
  • Dashboard and Dashboard Lights
  • Fairing Headlight Trim

The seller of this 1981 Ducati 900SS is well over the horizon in New Zealand. Their stream of consciences description of the bike might give you an idea of what has been done to the bike, but I am also sure that it might raise that many more questions. This is the final year of an Iconic motorcycle, one you may want to fly down to New Zealand and ride to the nearest port for.  But before you book your flight check out the words of the seller, all of them, and check out the other pictures. This appears to be the seller’s first attempt as selling on eBay, but what a first sale.BB

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