1982 Honda CT500T Turbo

Earlier we had shared a CX650E turbo, and now its smaller brother has come up for sale. The CX500T is claimed to be the first turbo charged production bike from the factory. The Kawasaki ZR1TC first stopped off at Turbo Cycle Corp before heading to the dealers.

The base CX500 was Honda a tribute (theft?) to the Moto Guzzi design V-Twin, but with the push rod OHV, cooling came by way of water and not air. The turbo’s 19psi boost increase the NA CX500’s 50bhp to 82bhp.

Outstanding original turbocharged motorbike with only 12,600 miles. Runs and rides just like new. Very fast. No wrecks or damage. Includes new battery, original Honda cover, owners manual, shop manual and tool kit. You won’t find many of these.

The CB500T was also special because it was Honda’s first production bike with Fuel Injection. But with the combination of a new and bulky fuel delivery system, and a boost system which added the term “Turbo Lag” I can only imagine the off/on throttle response would be part mystery part thriller.

With production limited to 5400 bikes the problem with power delivery and electrical gremlins didn’t appear to be worked out prior to the turbo craze to end. So another low production collector bike is out there for those who crave the different. You could always , and plumb it into your daily driver.


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