1985 Ducati Harris Mono Mille

There is something about seeing dual headlights on a motorcycle. It makes you think of motorcycles going for hours upon hours at full speed through the night, when dual headlights were a necessity to focusing light on both left and right apexes. I am sad that Endurance racing didn’t become big in the states. If you feel the need for speed, hours and hours of speed, head to Australia eBay to have a chance at winning this Harris framed Ducati.

From the seller

Ducati Harris Mono Milie,
factory race kit No.11 of  85
chassis is 531 chrome-moly tubing with nickle-bronze welding
wheelbase: 57 inches. 
White power rear monoshock.
White Power upside down front end 
Harris twin headlight fairing, seat cowling, Spondon fuel tank.

Harris Performance Produces is a company that started over 30 years ago by brothers Steve and Lester Harris. They offered kits for multiple models to provide improved handling when compared to the factory effort. They were so good at what they did, they Were the Suzuki World Super Bike factor race effort in 1995.

The seller discribes the engine

900 bevel-geared unit is balanced and blue printed.
top end (Brooke Henry) Vee-Two Heads, cams, valve springs
42mm Dellortos carburettors,
gear box and clutch late 80’s
Front brakes, Brembo four spot callipers with 320mm full floating discs
Rear brakes, twin-spot “non Bremo” full floating calipers, braided lines, Brembo Master cylinder
Harris rear sets
Brembo levers

Harris designed a frame to hold the Mille engine that is usually found in either the MHR or the S2. The Mille was the evolution of the Round Case and Square case, using a one piece forged crank and increasing the bore and stroke to 80×88 giving a 973cc engine. I am going to jump to the conclusion that the engine for this bike was donated by an S2 as I would think very few people were tear apart a MHR. BB

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