Rare Honda VF1000R for sale in Phoenix

 Here we have found a 1984 VF1000R on Craigslist Phoenix.


These bikes are very rare especially with only 7000 miles and a payment plan!! (See ad for details)

I can honestly say i have only seen a couple of these for sale in the last few years .

The VF1000R  was unique for its road racer styling, gear driven cams, quick release front axle clamps, 41mm front forks,  and high quality fit and finish.

While the U.S. market got the VF1000f  Interceptor, they really wanted the VF1000R  after seeing it go on sale in Europe.

After Honda realized the interest from the American public in this bike , they obliged and brought it in to the U.S. and waited for the customers to rush in,which much to Honda’s dismay never happened!  Many of these bikes languished on dealer’s floors for years. The problem was weight, lack of race success and finally they were very expensive ($6300) compared to the competition.  It didn’t help that Honda GP star Wayne Gardner compared their handling to a “marshmallow”.

I worked at a Honda dealership and I uncrated  and prepped a VF1000R  for the boss.  I was so impressed by the overall quality of this model compared to other Honda’s on the floor, it was just in a different league in build quality.  I even got to test ride it. It was totally different from anything i had ridden (big surprise, i was the owner of a ’80 CBX at the time LOL)  The sound was incredible!   Imagine a 19 yr old getting  paid to test drive one of these and being the boss’s bike to boot!

This bike is nice!  Other than the non factory pipe (i bet it sounds awesome) this looks like the bike to buy if you are in the market for a rare Honda.  The owner states “its damn near perfect” this is a bike worth travelling for. Buy it , bring it to Toronto and i will try to show you how a 19yr old would ride it!!



Born in '64 outside of Belfast, became a Canadian when I was 12. First bike Kawasaki KM100. First street bike '77 CB400F. Owned about 25 bikes over the last 25 years, mostly Japanese. Currently 8 bikes in the garage covering the last 4 decades. Currently riding a newly restored '82 Yamaha RD350LC (in '81 white colours).

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9 Responses

  1. sicduc says:

    Is this bike still 4-sale?? I’m interested in it and i’ll be in AZ next week!!

  2. Gerry says:

    Sicduc, this site is intended as a “heads up” regarding cool bikes for sale from around the world. So i would recommend you contact the seller directly with the info obtained from the Craigslist site.
    Good luck I hope it works out, this looks like a nice bike, and as you are going to be in the area i think fate might be playing its hand!

  3. sicduc says:

    I’ve left him acouple of messages on CL but i haven’t gotten any replies.. 🙁

  4. sicduc says:

    So, after I got stuck at the Hoover Dam on what is normally a 4 hour drive from Vegas to Phoenix, I spent the better part of 7 hours to arrive in Phoenix to find this bike is completely misrepresented on this site. I was told specifically that everything was original….original from the second hand jobber shop that did an awful re-paint on this bike. Outside of all the orange peel AND the CRACK in the tail section, one look into the radiator, and it is clear that if the owner is willing to misrepresent this as original, then one would surmise that the thick coating of road dirt and bugs really represents the fact that the odo is nowhere near the 7000 advertised miles. This is clearly a “c’mon, man” deal and is not a rare sport bike, nor is it a collectors bike and is clearly not worth anything over $2900, much less the $5500 he wants. This is a laugher folks, dont waste your time. It is a skin deep looker for everyday transo at best.

  5. Gerry says:

    Man that sucks, it looks good in the pic’s, really sucks you wasted your time, at least it wasn’t on ebay and bought it before inspection.


  6. sicduc says:

    I guess the search continues.. If this was 15 years ago it would have gotten ugly!! lol I just loved the look he gave me when i pointed out all the problems with this bike.. All he could say was i guess you know what your looking at..

  7. zee says:

    how come the blog isn’t getting updated? i miss it..

  8. Brian Powley says:

    Hello SICDUC, I have a mint 1983 VF1000R which I brought from England to the USA 10years ago when I moved to Atlanta GA. I am selling the bike, it has 10K miles ”original” Are you interested.
    Thank you. 770 337 0130.
    Brian Powley

  9. Joe says:

    Whoever buys or bought this is lucky. I can only hope that the 85 VF1000R I’m restoring looks like this when I’m done. Gorgeous.