Another 1973 Ducati 750GT for Sale!

1973 Ducati 750GT R Front

Like colorful fall leaves, vintage Ducatis are almost clogging the gutters around these parts.  This one is especially nice, and has an interesting provenance…

The versatile 750GT would have been Goldilock’s favorite: not too hardcore, not too laid-back.  It was just right, a perfect blend of sporty handling and comfort.  Which is great, since the folks who are likely to plunk down thirty large on a vintage Ducati are, ahem, probably not spring chickens.

1973 Ducati 750GT R Engine

While the GT lacked Ducati’s now ubiquitous Desmodromics: while all modern Ducatis feature this possibly pointless but undeniably cool technology, only the top-tier sporting bikes of the 1970’s had it.  But the 750GT still had the classic round-case looks and distinctive tower-shaft and bevel gear driven single overhead cams for which the marque was famous.

From the original eBay listing: 1973 Ducati 750 GT for Sale

I recently purchased this bike from Ian Faloon in Australia. When it arrived it was so impressive that it has sat in my living room as a piece of art…. In my quest for a Sport I have reluctantly decided to find her a new home. Below is Ian’s description of his bike. Please contact me through eBay to discuss any questions you may have. Cheers

Ducati 750 GT

As I have too many 750 GTs in my collection I am reluctantly offering this superb Euro-spec 1973 750 GT for sale. This is as perfect and original 1973 750 GT you will find, and every aspect of the restoration is covered in my new forthcoming book;

NOS Inox front fender with a center brace, replacing the original fender that had two screw holes for a front license plate as required in Australia in 1973.

New German ignition coils instead of the original Ducati Electrotecnica.

This bike has been on display and not run since the restoration. The tank has no fuel and there is no battery. If you want to run this bike bear in mind that commissioning it will require a bit of fiddling with carburetors etc. It is as if you were buying a bike back in 1973 from the crate. It needs setting up. This bike can be shipped anywhere at the buyer’s expense.

If you are looking for an as new 750 GT close to the condition it left the factory in Borgo Panigale in 1973 this is it. As the restoration of this GT is featured in detail in the forthcoming book. Of course this is a forty year old motorcycle and comes with no warranty but it is a bike will real provenance.

1973 Ducati 750GT L Front

For those of you who don’t know Ian Falloon: he’s one of the foremost experts in vintage Ducatis.  There’s not much time left on this one, so if you’re in the market for a round-case Ducati, move quickly.  The price is set at $33,750 but I can’t imagine a better example to buy, considering it was built by one of the foremost Ducati restorers in the world…  If you’ve got the cash, this is the one to buy.


1973 Ducati 750GT R Loaded

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