Bultaco Metralla

If you have heard the name Bultaco before you would likely have heard it in reference to dirt bikes from the 1970’s. Because the rest of the world thinks that the US is one big off road park, every manufacture in the world developed a 2-stroke dirt bike to sell to riders in America. What we have missed out on are some of the road racing bikes that those same dirt bike manufactures made. This Bultaco Metralla offered here on eBay is an example of the Spanish two-stroke road bike.

In 1958 this Spanish company was started by Senior Bultó after the Montesa motorcycle company withdrew from racing. Within months of forming Bultaco, their new Tralla 101 took 7 of the first 10 places of the Spanish Grand Prix, a the tradition for road racing was started, I just wish that tradition made it to the US.

From the Seller

            This auction is for a street legal two stroke1958 Bultaco Metralla RoadRacer with 1420 miles on it.  Frame # 2300861 engine number M-2303135. I was told that this particular model is 50 out of 250 made and was actually raced – I believe it is a 250 cc.  I’m not quite sure what’s different between this model and others since they look the same.  I am selling the Bultaco because after 10 years of owning it I have only ridden it once and still not restored it as planned

This Metrella appears to be a Mk1 from 1968 not 1958 that the seller states. I was only able to find performance specs for the later Mk2, so adjust the 27hp at 7500rpm down a little for the 1968 Mk1 model should still get you a 100mph 250 lbs bike. And with Endurance Championship in 1966 and Production Isle of Man winners for 1967 you can see the potential that the Spanish 2 stoke holds.

From the seller

The motorcycle is non-restored, even the seat and chrome is original. The handle bars and controls are not the original ones and it is missing the lock to the oil pump cover.   There is a box of parts and service manual that come with the motorcycle, please refer to pictures. It was last started and rode four years ago and it has one hell of a kick back on the kick start – some serious compression there!  It runs with absolutely no piston slap and shifts through the gears smoothly

When ever I look at these Spanish bikes I see a road legal, 2 stroke bike with potential. What I would like to see is this bike with a full fairing, huge expansion chamber, and dual headlights screaming around the track for hours and hours. This auction is for a project, but a project that has great up-side. You will not see a lot of these come up for sale, so if you want to own something  unusual this is your chance. BB

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2 Responses

  1. Ángel says:

    Esta Bultaco de la fotografía es una Bultaco Metralla Mk2 de 250c.c.Se fabricó desde el año 1966 hasta el año 1974.Es el modelo 23 para España,modelo 23-1 para los Estados Unidos y modelo 7T23 para Australia.
    La numeración del motor y del bastidor empiezan siempre por “M-23” (motor) y “B-23” (bastidor) y deben coincidir en los restantes numeros…,si no es asi es porque el motor o el bastidor son de de otra unidad.
    Preciosa moto muy buscada y cotizada en España….hay gente que ha pagado una “fortuna” por conseguirla….Yo poseo una del año 1966.

  2. Brian says:

    I wanted to know learn what someone who speaks Spanish may know about a Spanish bike, and I want to thank them
    google translated
    This photograph Bultaco Bultaco Shrapnel is a Mk2 250c.c.Se manufactured since 1966 until 23 1974.Es model for Spain, 23-1 model for the United States and 7T23 model for Australia.
    The numbering of motor and frame start provided by “M-23 ‘(engine) and’ B-23 ‘(rack) and must match numbers in the other … if not well it is because the engine and the chassis are of another unit.
    Beautiful bike highly sought after and quoted in Spain …. some people have paid a “fortune” to get it …. I own a 1966.