Business Express: 1983 Laverda RGS Executive

For Sale: 1983 Laverda RGS Executive

I have to admit, I was torn on posting this one. At first, I didn’t want to post another Laverda RGS so soon after this excellent post from Brian. And then, as I looked at this particular bike, I realized that I didn’t want to post it here because I selfishly wanted it for myself! This is one of those bucket bikes for me, and has that sport-touring and work commute aspect covered, all while adding Italian flair.

So what is so special about the “Executive” as compared to a regular RGS? The Executive came about as a range topper to the RGS line, and contains a few add-ons from the factory. It’s really all about the bags (which are the obvious additions), but there are others. The fairing is extended around the handlebars to provide additional wind protection to the rider. The handlebars themselves are higher than a standard RGS to provide a better riding position for longer distances. There is also a minor difference in the rear fender; the Executive model extends further to better line up with the stylish hardcases.

From the seller:
This Laverda RGS Executive is one of the most beautiful motorcycles to come out of the post classic era of Italian motorcycle design.

It is a stylish and modern looking machine with clever features like Bayflex plastic mouldings; fuel filler in the fairing; integrated but removable luggage and adjustable rear set foot peg positioning.

It is a grand touring machine, hand built to the best Italian standards. It is long-legged, rock solid, powerful and very stable at high speeds.

Features include:
120 degree crank
Air cooled, in-line three cylinder four stroke engine
82 HP at 7,900 rpm
top speed 140 mph
factory oil cooler
5 speed transmission
wet weight: 553 lbs
easy pull hydraulic clutch
3, 32 mm Dell’Orto carbs
dual seat cowling
quick removable hard luggage bags
60 inch wheel base
triple Brembo brakes
45 mpg

This well treated bike is part of a private collection that has been properly stored for several years. It recently has had the carbs cleaned and synchronized. Oil and filter changed and a new battery installed.

It has never been laid down.

There is reported to be only 250 sold new in the states.

As you can see from the pictures, this looks to be a pretty clean bike. And make no mistake about it, factory RGS Executive models are very rare indeed. That, unfortunately, makes them targets for “non-factory” creations. Since it is not hard to add on the Executive pieces to a regular RGS (after all, that is what the factory did), you will find many more Executive models available for sale today then what the Laverda factory actually produced!

Some may call these converted RGS to Executive bike builds as fakes – and in the strictest sense they are – but then again there is little magic to creating an Executive. And if you are after a desirable bike like the Laverda RGS, one that has all the added creature comforts available, then why wouldn’t you want the bags and fairing extensions? True, the value of the bike may not be the same as a genuine factory Executive model, but the riding pleasure should be at least equal!

Here at CSBFS we always recommend to potential buyers that they do their homework first when it comes to rare bikes. In this case, I stumbled across the Laverda Forums which had this bit of info: A factory Laverda RGS Executive has a “G” in the 7th digit position of the VIN, while an RGS has an “H” in the same location. Great info to know!

Whether this Executive is factory real or added on later, this is still one beautiful and clean bike that is available now. The auction is currently sitting at $6,900 with reserve still in place. Bidding has been very light, and the BIN for this bike is set at $8,900. The BIN might be a little high if this turns out to be an Executive created from an RGS, but really not too far off of what we have seen regarding pricing in the past.

For more information and a chance to own this amazing Italian express, . Good luck!


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