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Lost in Translation: 1977 Benelli Sei 750 for Sale

1977 Benelli Sei L Side

Everything sounds beautiful and exotic when spoken in French or Italian, especially if you don’t understand the language. I mean, couldn’t Bidet be a luxury water-fountain manufacturer? And don’t Quattroporte and Benelli Sei just roll off the tongue? What’s that you say? Quattroporte just means “four doors” and Sei is just Italian for “six”? Well that’s disappointing… So basically, today’s Benelli Sei 750 is the epitome of “truth in advertising”: a motorcycle from Benelli that displaces 750cc and has six cylinders.

It sounds way less sexy when you put it that way.

1977 Benelli Sei Engine

Of course, when you’ve just produced an exotic, inline-six motorcycle, giving it a fancy name probably isn’t necessary: the bike speaks for itself. And that’s exactly what Alejandro De Tomaso intended: when the bike was introduced, it was meant as a statement to the Japanese “big four” that the Italian brands could compete with them on every level. Not completely true, of course, but at least in terms of engineering extravagance it was accurate.

1977 Benelli Sei Tank

The early 750cc bikes were superseded by a 900cc version in 1978 that looked basically identical, only with more displacement. Styling is relatively conservative, although that fat engine sitting across the frame shouts the bike’s intentions loudly enough, with a wall of exhaust headers that helps create one of the most exotic noises in motorcycling. You might be tricked into thinking the cylinder count would give it a car-like exhaust note. The reality is a ripping noise that’s impossibly smooth and electric, head-turning in a way that the styling is not.

1977 Benelli Sei Clocks

From the original eBay listing: 1977 Benelli Sei 750 for Sale

A Six cylinder Italian work of art, one of the three or four of the best sounding motorcycles in the world and one of the most coveted collector motorcycles available today. This example has been with the same owner/mechanic since 1979.It was loved, taken care of, and ridden until 1995 when it was professionally and meticulously restored by him from the ground up,mechanically and visually,work including a complete engine overhaul with all new parts as well as a full restoration of chassis and all ancillaries. As noted in photos, the motorcycle will come with a complete new 6 into 6 exhaust system, as well as a new seat cover and stock turn indicators. Documentation and photos accompany it. The bike has since been ridden sparingly by the same owner from 1996 till 2016 and shows 16000 miles on the clock (800 miles a year),which was zeroed after the restoration in 1995. It still looks and drives like new and will be a great addition to any collectors or enthusiasts garage. These motorcycles have been climbing in value right through the last few years and show now signs of slowing down. They rarely come up for sale and are almost impossible to find with this kind of record and history since new. I purchased it only a short time ago with the intention of keeping it indefinitely in my collection but as life and timing inevitably goes,a one owner Vincent Black Shadow that I have been trying to buy for ten years has eventually been offered to me by its original owner and in order to buy it,I sadly have to sell the Benelli and two other motorcycles in my collection. This motorcycle is not and will never be for the bargain hunter or time waster out there so please don’t waste your time or mine. If I don’t get the price that it is worth or very close to it, I will just have to pick another one of my motorcycles to sell in its place. This is a genuine opportunity for an intelligent and savvy collector or afficionado who is looking to buy a Perfect Benelli 750 SEI,don’t miss it and hate your decision later,both financially and emotionally. Thank you for looking. Like a boss.

1977 Benelli Sei Side Detail

Yes, the seller actually included “like a boss” at the end of the listing.

Introduced in 1972, years before the similarly-spec’d Honda CBX, the Sei was never really produced in great numbers, although they do show up on eBay from time-to-time, often in slightly-abandoned condition, which is interesting because very nice CBXs show up for sale all the time. No big surprise though, since the Sei is a pretty expensive bike to maintain and source parts for. Many probably needed maintenance and were just left to rot when owners found out what service and parts were going to cost. I think they’re a bit like 80s Alfa Romeos used to be: interesting and exotic, but expensive, difficult to maintain, and not really worth all that much. They languished in obscurity for a long time, although prices seem to be on the rise now.

This particular example appears to be in very good shape both mechanically and cosmetically, although that cracked tachometer face would really annoy me, and the seller mentions a complete cosmetic and mechanical restoration. That’s very reassuring, although that Buy It Now price of $17,000 seems pretty ambitious, even for a bike this nice.


1977 Benelli Sei R Side

Succeeding with Excess: 1976 Benelli 750 Sei for Sale

1976 Benelli Sei 750 R Side

“If some is good, then more is better.” That pretty much sums up the philosophy in effect here. Benelli’s six-cylinder Sei wasn’t really faster than an equivalent four. It didn’t handle any better. And it certainly wasn’t any more frugal. But it was more. Six freaking cylinders more, at a time when the motorcycling world was just getting used to the idea of easily available four-cylinder machines, Benelli went and built this thing. In fact, the driving philosophy behind its creation seems to be, “Because we could.” Which is a great reason to build things, as far as I’m concerned.

Especially motorcycles.

1976 Benelli Sei 750 Engine

Introduced in 1972, the 750 Sei featured an inline-six engine that was enlarged to 900cc in 1978. While 71hp was nothing to sneeze at, the real advantage of the configuration was smooth power and a wide powerband. Certainly, the wide engine limited cornering clearance, and the bike wasn’t really suited to back road scratching. It was a sophisticated sport-touring machine, the classic “gentleman’s express.” Unfortunately, styling was a bit subdued, performance was a bit underwhelming even when bored out to 900cc, and the bike was naturally expensive to run. But six-cylinder motorcycles sound amazing and, ridden within their limits, are very enjoyable motorcycles.

1976 Benelli Sei 750 R Side Tank

This particular example is in very original condition, apart from the 6-into-1 exhaust. Certainly the look of the original system is more classic, although this set up will save plenty of weight and perhaps improve the limited cornering clearance issues.

From the original eBay listing: 1976 Benelli Sei 750 for Sale

Bike is complete. It has been stored inside for many years and the front forks, having no mechanical problem, are somewhat pitted and rusty. The chrome rear fender, headlight rim and front fender have some surface ‘stuff’ on them but they are not rusted. The rim itself isn’t perfect. Tires are new, battery isn’t.

This bike was purchased disassembled in 1985 from a dealer. All of the parts were new. After reassembly, the bike was ridden sporadically for 5 years and then stored indoors. It is currently in Birmingham Alabama, stored in a car enthusiast’s toy room. The bike is stock except for the Marving 6-into-1 exhaust system. The tires look new but they have been on the bike for over 20 years. The battery was changed about 5 years ago and charged occasionally. The electrics all work.

1976 Benelli Sei 750 R Side Rear

With a $7,000 Buy It Now price, I think the seller is aiming a bit high, considering the bike’s condition. Obviously, while the paint on the tank and bodywork are very original and shiny, much of the bits that rust have surface corrosion and pitting. This is a great starting point, but anyone looking at this bike should be planning for an extensive and probably expensive restoration to get this bike in working order. Is it worth it? Certainly not from a financial standpoint. But these are obviously rarer and more exotic than a CBX and have the same draw: a physically massive, silky-smooth six cylinder engine.


1976 Benelli Sei 750 R Side Panel

A Perfect Storm: 1975 Benelli Tornado 650S for Sale

1975 Benelli Tornado 650S R Front

Built between 1968 and 1976, the Benelli Tornado 650S could be thought of the “Anti-Triumph.” While the basic pushrod 650cc, parallel-twin specifications suggest a bike superficially similar, it is very different in practice. Apparently, the Benelli twin actually has four flywheels, but for most of us, a clue about the character can be found in the hugely oversquare dimensions: 84mm x 58mm. No balance shafts here, but the engine is very smooth and loves to rev, compared to contemporary British bikes.

1975 Benelli Tornado 650S R Rear

Amusingly, a bit of 70’s “anti-vibration” tech can be seen below: the long nubs on the footpeg rubber were designed to help isolate engine vibes that might be transmitted through the controls.

1975 Benelli Tornado 650S Engine

While drum brakes may not have been cutting-edge technology by 1975, the huge, chunky piece here should provide plenty of stopping power for anyone prepared to accept the limitations of vintage brakes.

1975 Benelli Tornado 650S Clocks

The original listing includes plenty of excellent, high quality photographs that show the bike in great detail. There are some minor blemishes and bits of corrosion, but overall, this bike is extremely clean, with only 60 miles.

1975 Benelli Tornado 650S L Front

From the original eBay listing: 1975 Benelli Tornado 650S for Sale

In extremely pristine condition this Benelli Tornado 650S is a perfect showpiece for Benelli’s unique Italian design and build quality. Indicated on the odometer, this Benelli has only registered 60 miles! Painted in its original a yellow and black color scheme this motorcycle looks amazing. The paint is original and in ideal condition, only very minor imperfections can be found; but are negligible for original 40 year-old motorcycle. Every chrome and stainless steel accessory is original and in very good condition, almost no aging can be found. A black banana seat allows the rider have a comfortable and relaxing experience, with a natural riding position. Under the seat the original red tool kit is still in place with every tool being accounted for. Original handlebars and Veglia gauges are in excellent condition, the handlebars still retain the factory hand grips too. Front and rear turn indicators work along with the original headlight and taillight too.

It should be noted that this motorcycle was never been titled. It will be sold on Bill of Sale, with the original manufacturer’s statement of origin (MSO) in hand.

1975 Benelli Tornado 650S Tank

$12,900 is obviously pretty big money for a Benelli Tornado. But, as was true for the Quattro that was featured here last week, that might seem like fair money to the right buyer. If you’re a collector and want the best, lowest-mileage example you can find, this has to be one of the most perfect and original Tornados in existence.


1975 Benelli Tornado 650S Front

Nearly New: 1977 Benelli 500 Quattro for Sale

1977 Benelli Quattro L Side

1970’s Benellis like this 500 Quattro fill an interesting niche in the vintage biking scene. Produced during the controversial DeTomaso era, when the Argentinian seemed to own just about every struggling exotic nameplate out there, from cars to bikes. Rumored to be based heavily on Honda’s CB four cylinder, the Benelli is a very solid machine, but offers up nothing really exceptional, aside from that exotic nameplate.

1977 Benelli Quattro Tank

Which is a shame, as Benelli is a company with a storied racing history. Founded in 1911 as a repair shop, they were producing bikes by 1919 and winning championships in the late 1920’s. They had a great deal of success during the 1960’s, especially in the 250cc class.

Being the Italian equivalent of a Honda CB isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just unfortunate that such a famous, high-performance brand couldn’t offer up something just a little bit more…

1977 Benelli Quattro L Side Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1977 Benelli 500 Quattro for Sale

This was one of the leftover bikes I had when I was a dealer for Benelli in Westchester County, NY. Great condition always stored indoors. I used a dealer plate when I demoed the bike or take it to shows. Never registered. I have the original MSO that goes with the bike and will provide a bill of sale. Some chrome is missing in places. Exhaust pipes are in excellent condition. Gas tank has been cleaned, sealed and re sprayed. Carbs cleaned. New battery installed. Just rode down the street and transmission shifted fine. Clutch works as it should. Brakes work great. Lights all work. Speedometer is in kilometers. Tool kit and owners manual included. Tires are original. 

1977 Benelli Quattro Dash

The starting bid for this original little gem is $10,000 with no takers so far and little time left on the auction. This is a hard bike to price, considering DeTomaso-era Benellis are about as rare as hen’s teeth in the US these days. In general, we see the more exotic six-cylinder Sei: the four cylinder bikes are virtually unknown here, making them exceedingly rare, but of interest only to Benelli fans.

1977 Benelli Quattro Front Wheel

And if you are a Benelli fan, you’re most likely looking for something more vintage. But for riders who want a bike that’s just a bit different than a run-of-the-mill Japanese four, this might fit the bill. You certainly aren’t likely to find one as nice or with such low mileage ever again.


1977 Benelli Quattro R Side

The British Alternative: 1974 Benelli Tornado 650S for Sale

1974 Benelli Tornado 650S L Front

Looking at the basic numbers, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Benelli Tornado 650S was simply a Triumph in sexy, Italian duds. But while the basic configuration matches bikes from the British manufacturers and it was designed to compete directly against those bikes, the feel was subtly different. The 642cc twin was very oversquare, loved to rev, could push the bike to a claimed top speed of 117mph, and was reliable to boot.

So almost nothing like a British twin then.

1974 Benelli Tornado 650S Dash

Benelli was founded in 1911 by the widow Teresa Benelli to provide employment for her six sons and keep them from getting into mischief. Originally a repair shop, the bike branched out into full-fledged motorcycle production in 1921 and they produced a variety of twin, four, and even six-cylinder motorcycles until they closed up shop in the late 1980’s.

1974 Benelli Tornado 650S Tank

While the Benelli was an excellent performer right out of the box, the British twins have a wealth of tuning and parts support that makes owning one today a better proposition. But if you dare to be a bit different, a Tornado makes for a very cool ride and you are unlikely to find a better example than this one.

This is really one of the nicest Benellis I’ve ever seen and the bike features a ton of cool details to obsess over, like funky, vibration-absorbing footpeg nubs and a gorgeous drum brake up front.

1974 Benelli Tornado 650S Rear Hub

From the original eBay listing: 1974 Benelli Tornado 650S

Up for auction is this beautiful Benelli Tornado 650S. The frame has been powdercoated, the bearings in the wheels, steering tube and swingarm have all been replaced. The cables are all new as is the wiring harness. Take a look at all of the chrome work and polishing. Anything that was chromed originally has been re-chromed and polished to perfection. Those are new exhaust pipes and mufflers. The Ceriani shocks were restored. new seat cover, new chain and sprockets. Note the polished aluminum turn signal housings – no plastic there! The side covers, tail light, head light were repainted, but the tank has the original paint since it was deemed good enough to be left alone. As was the engine and transmission. These motors are very durable. Over the years I have ridden Joel Samick’s 650S on two Retro Tours (highly recommended!). I enjoyed it so much that I bought this one. His has triple the mileage of this one and it is still running as strong as ever.

It starts right up with a mighty roar and takes off smoothly, shifting well through all five gears. The engine has a short stroke and revs very quickly. If you are accustomed to a British 650, this will surprise you – in a good way! The front brake is a gorgeous double-sided affair that looks fantastic even if it doesn’t work as well as a modern disc. If you attended the 2013 Barber Vintage Festival you may have seen this bike in the Motorcycle Classics show. It was awarded the Best European trophy. I have ridden it sparingly since then. Everything works as it should including the clutch which was just replaced. While replacing the clutch I fixed an oil leak from the engine side cover. I bought the clutch kit and gaskets from which has always had the parts I have needed for my Benellis. Their prices are very reasonable too. These bikes have always been rare and one in this condition is rarer still.

1974 Benelli Tornado 650S R Sidepanel

Bidding is very active and up to $6,900 as of today. A beautiful, unusual alternative to a fickle British twin or a more obvious Italian v-twin, this bike should be great everyday classic that goes and shows equally well.


1974 Benelli Tornado 650S R Side

Six Times the Fun: 1978 Benelli 750 Sei for Sale

1978 Benelli 750 Sei Red R Side

With motorcycles, packaging is especially important: everything adds weight, and weight is the enemy of performance. In a car, an extra few pounds here or there may not mean much. On a bike, that same weight can win or lose races. When the Japanese introduced their four-cylinder powerplants in the late 60’s and early 70’s, they hit on a nearly perfect formula, a combination of relatively compact dimensions and reliable power that proved virtually unbeatable, once they finally figured out the braking and handling parts of the equation.

Sure, narrow, torquey Ducatis, durable BMW’s, and charismatic Triumphs have their own strengths, but there’s a reason the prototypical UJM features an air-cooled across-the-frame four: it just flat works. So when a manufacturer bucks that trend, they’re clearly making some sort of extravagant statement, and that’s exactly what Benelli was doing when they introduced their six cylinder 750 Sei.

In classic Italian style, “Sei” means “six”. Everything sounds so much cooler in Italian… “Quattroporte”? So exotic… Wait, that just means “four doors.”

1978 Benelli 750 Sei Red L Front

The Sei was first introduced in 1972 as a 750cc bike, although it grew to 900cc’s in 1978. With 71hp and limited cornering clearance, it was intended, not as a sportbike, but as a top-of-the-line GT bike, a statement to the Japanese that the Italians could make something just as sophisticated, just as refined. Which they did, reportedly, but copying a Honda four and then grafting on an additional pair of cylinders…

Styling was subdued, aside from the pipe-organ exhaust sticking out the back, it cost a packet to buy and maintain, and it was relatively thirsty. But crack that throttle, and that wail would make you forgive it almost anything.

From the original eBay listing: 1978 Benelli 750 Sei for Sale

I parked this bike in the back of my garage under cover in 1991 due to back problems.  I rode it for 3 years and it never missed a beat.  I am the second owner.  When I got it I got a tune-up, new rear tire and factory fuel line installed.  The crash bar, highway pegs and seat back rack can all be removed easily, there were no modifications to the bike.  Bike is all original with factory tool kit, original seat bar and only 8582 miles.  No dents or dings. Pipes are good..  Factory Metzler front tire will need replaced.  I did not buy a battery to get it going, don’t want to spend time and money to sell it.  The only things that I know that are wrong with the bike are that the clutch is hanging up from sitting (I was told it may release when bike gets running) and the guage cluster is cracked at mounts. (known problem)   If you have any questions please ask and I will answer them to the best of my ability.  This is basically an un-restored beautifully aged Benelli 750Sei with all the original parts.  Bike is sold as is.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own this unusal and unique classic bike.  Thank You. 

1978 Benelli 750 Sei Red R Side Engine

Originality is key with these, as finding parts for a rare Italian motorcycle can be difficult. Engine internals and clutch parts can probably be sourced, but bodywork and trim pieces may be virtually unobtainable. This one looks really clean. It just needs a bit of TLC applied to the carbs and a bit of caution before firing it up.

I would, as the seller mentions, bin those crash bars and the backrest/luggage rack at the first opportunity, and probably replace the instrument cluster with a giant, white-faced Veglia tach, but otherwise this looks like a very nice, very complete example of a classic grand touring motorcycle.


1978 Benelli 750 Sei Red R Side Rear

1975 Benelli Quatro


This 1975 Benelli Quattro 4 might not be as Sexy as the Sei 6, but it does still provide you with four cylinders, Italian style and 100+ mph top speed. Not bad, but yes, 2 cylinders from sexy.


From the seller

Benelli Quattro born on August 1974 and sold in Pa. by Ron’s Speed and Custom Cycles on April 14, 1976 as noted on the original Pa. A title. Also noted by Ron’s Cycle sticker on tail section of motorcycle.

One of the early Benelli 4’s to land in the USA with the very rare drum front brake; I have heard maybe 5 total, also the rare early paint and stripe theme.

I received the Benelli about 6 years ago and had the 4 carbs rebuilt by a Guzzi mechanic, new carb rubbers and individual air cleaner pods, the original air box setup is here, good shape and goes with motorcycle. Oil and filter was changed, chain adjusted and lubed, new gel battery installed. The original seat goes with sale and is in nice shape.

I had the 4 exhaust pipes re chromed, they are rust perforation free, and are the original Silentium pipes as noted in the pictures, NOT aftermarket.

The front tire has good tread but checked, the back good tread and I didn’t notice any checking.


$_57 (3)

The seller did the little things that make sure that this bike presents as well as it does. With the restriction that the EPA has put on business that do chrome work, it might have been a chore to find someone that would re-chrome the pipes. The other high point for me on this bike is the huge front drum brake. Disk may do a better job at stopping you, but the look of a drum brake adds to the Classic Sport look.

$_57 (2)

More from the seller

Starts up easily under choke, takes a couple minutes to clear itself then runs smooth and transmission is smooth and shifts well up and down.

All electrical systems charge and are in order, this is a turn key bike and somewhat collectible.

The paint is very nice, also no dings or dents, inside of tank is clean. The wheels have some rust, but not bad, the front and rear fenders the chrome is very nice. The rest of the bike has some faded chrome and minor rust, headlight ears, turn signal stems?

The odometer works and shows 12787 kilometers which is 7945 miles, speedometer and tachometer work well as well as indicator lights. Bike rides and handles well.

$_57 (5)

This 1975 Benelli Quattro may be 2 cylinders shy of the sexy six, but the numbers from the factory are nothing to kick out of the garage. 498cc from four cylinders with a 10.2:1 CR, fed by 4 Dell’orto’s are generating 45hp at 9400rpm. This is good enough to move this 462 lb bike to 107mph top speed. Sexy or short of sexy, not bad numbers. BB

$_57 (1)

$_57 (4)

1972 Benelli Tornado 650S for Sale

1972 Benelli Tornado 650 R Side

While the name Benelli is now more likely associated with firearms outside the vintage biking scene, the company was founded in 1911 by matriarch Teresa as a way to keep her six sons steadily employed. Within ten years, they’d gone from a bicycle and motorcycle repair shop to manufacturer of their own, in-house engine and a successful racing team.

The Tornado 650 was introduced in 1969 and was designed to compete with the bigger offerings from Norton and Triumph in the US and Great Britain.  Powered by a very oversquare 642cc parallel twin, it was reliable and performance was on par with the competition, with a claimed top speed of 117mph.

1972 Benelli Tornado 650 L Side

While those numbers suggest that it’s virtually interchangeable with other machines of its general capacity and specification, in reality the Benelli offered much greater refinement than a Triumph or Norton of the era. Unfortunately, while those machines may be lacking a bit in terms of sophistication, they’re certainly fast, and offer a wealth of tuning parts, shops that specialize, and support communities.

The Benelli will likely get you a wealth of curious looks. Especially if they take a close look at those funky, vibration-reducing footpeg rubbers…

1972 Benelli Tornado 650 Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1972 Benelli Tornado 650S for Sale 

Very low mileage bike restored to as-new condition by Vincent special builder Dale Keesecker in 2008 with 1159 original miles. Entire engine was gone through, all seals replaced, everything checked and carefully reassembled. New paint and high quality chrome applied, cables replaced, any rubber or plastic showing deterioration was replaced.

The bike now has 2280 miles on it. I bought it from Dale in 2009 and have fully tested it over the 1121 miles and 5 years that I have had it.  It is stone reliable, starts instantly on the button, idles perfectly and is a dream to ride. No paint scratches or blemishes, never fallen over, never been wet. Tires bought new in 2011, less than 1000 miles on them. Brakes work great, all electrics work except that the horn is disconnected. Does not leak oil.  It is very quick, handles beautifully and has a phenomenal sound. A huge attention getter anywhere I go on it.  Includes full service manuals, diagrams and user manuals in English & Italian.

I am selling because I have far too many motorcycles and some treasures just have to go.

1972 Benelli Tornado 650 L Rear

I love the fact that the bike features both electric and kick start, along with that gorgeous front brake. Today, Benelli is in a bit of limbo: they are currently still owned by a Chinese company and are supposedly still producing their wild sports triples. But distribution and quality both seem spotty, and the styling of these modern bikes, while very distinctive, is perhaps a bit overwrought… Which is a tragic turn of events, given their history. I realize the world market needs lots of cheap and cheerful motorcycles, but here’s hoping the Qianjiang Group uses the Benelli name and heritage to relaunch the brand at some point as a manufacturer of premium motorcycles.

1972 Benelli Tornado 650 Front Brake

$7,000 is premium money for a Benelli Tornado but, from the photos, this is a really stunning example and looks basically like a brand-new 1970’s Italian motorcycle. If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary and love the sound and feel of a parallel twin, this could be your ride.


1972 Benelli Tornado 650 Tank

1979 Benelli 750 Sei for Sale

1979 Benelli 750 Sei L Side

Benelli’s six-cylinder Sei, in either 750 or 900cc flavor is a very cool machine. Styling is disappointingly conservative and the handling basically average, but you really buy this bike for the glorious engine: it’s flexible, reasonably powerful, and makes an expensive shriek as it revs, a sound that has often been favorably compared to the wail of a vintage Ferrari.

1979 Benelli 750 Sei Dash

Introduced in the early 1970’s, the Sei was Benelli’s flagship model, an elegant grand touring motorcycle with exotic specifications, performance, comfort, and subtle good looks. The early 750cc version put 71hp through a 5-speed gearbox and could push the unfaired machine all the way to 126mph.

1979 Benelli 750 Sei Engine

The wide engine does create some packaging issues, although the six-into-six exhaust probably causes more cornering clearance issues… But maximum lean is hardly this bike’s intended mission. It was a statement, a halo-model designed to show that Benelli could compete on the world stage against the Japanese manufacturers. Unfortunately, they didn’t really have the manufacturing muscle to back up its intended mission. It was well-received by the motoring press, and an update to 900cc’s in 1979 kept the bike relevant, but the bike never really sold very well.

From the original eBay listing: 1979 Benelli 750 Sei for Sale

I purchased last year from the original owner and had Perry from Perry’s motorcycle and sidecars in Ft Worth Texas (Who used to sell and service these new) go through it, sort it out and bring it back to life, it’s purring again.
Starts right up and runs well now. I believe it still has original tires though!
This has been on display in my shop all year and now I have decided to sell because I need the space and have my eye on something else.
It is an original bike including the pipes which have been painted black. The mileage is correct at 4358 miles.
The paint is in above average condition on the tank and original, especially for being almost 40 years old. There is a small indention in the tank on the bottom near the seat, not the sides of the tank This doesn’t really bother me, however if you decided to repaint the tank, you would certainly fix this. All badges are original. It’s pretty stunning as it sits. The bike doesn’t really leak either. The inside of the tank has been coated and the brakes have been gone through by Perry, when he went through the engine and the carbs. It is setup for a battery tender. It has the original wheels and brakes. It is the dual disk front , drum rear brake version.
Im sure Ive left off a ton of detail. Please ask and I will answer to the best of my ability. This is basically an un-restored beautifully aged Benelli 750Sei with all the original bits.
Includes old factory service manual and old factory parts manual.
1979 Benelli 750 Sei L Side Panel

So often, these bikes fall into disrepair: like an 80’s Alfa Romeo, they’re relatively cheap to buy but mechanically complex and pricey to run, leading owners to neglect major services until the bike fails in some fundamental way. Then they’re left with an expensive project in need of parts that haven’t been made in 20 years or more, and the finished bike will only be worth a fraction of what’s been invested.

So into the back of a shed it goes.

Any six-cylinder motorcycle is going to be an expensive proposition: Honda’s CBX is costly to run: no matter what part you need for your motorcycle, there’s a good chance you’ll need more of them for your six.

Benelli’s questionable status in the modern market and lack of cache in the collector market has kept values relatively depressed for the marque, outside of racing machinery.  This particular example appears to be clean and well-maintained, with very low miles for a bike designed to cover miles in class and comfort. Bidding is active, and is at $5,700 with five days to go. If you’ve got room in your garage and have a hankering for Benelli’s techno tour-de-force, keep an eye on this auction.


1979 Benelli 750 Sei R Engine

1963 Benelli 175 for Sale

1963 Benelli 175 L Dash

Another small-bore sporting machine from the same seller that brought us the Moto Morini Corsarino, same lack of real detail, same nice photos. These lightweight, economical bikes were designed to fill a similar niche as the competing machines from Moto Guzzi, Ducati, and Laverda: the very real need for inexpensive, reliable transportation for an economy rebounding from the Second World War. They were designed to bring a bit more style and athleticism to the table than a scooter, but fulfill primarily the same purpose.

1963 Benelli 175 R Rear

From the original eBay listing: 1963 Benelli 175 for sale

We do not have any history on this beautifully restored Benelli, except that it won “Best of Show” at the 2013 Dallas Mods & Rockers Motorcycle Show.
We are certain that the Benelli cognoscenti could shed more light on the history of this bike than we can.
The frame number is H8210 and the engine number is HS14392. There are detailed pictures of both the frame and engine numbers in the gallery of pictures.
This Benelli runs perfectly and needs nothing. It is certainly MotoGiro capable. Please look at the detailed pictures carefully as they really tell the story.

1963 Benelli 175 L Engine

Luckily, the listing also includes a response from the bike’s builder, and it seems maybe there’s a bit more to this machine than meets the eye…

This is Jason Small. I’m the one who built this bike. This is a 1967 riverside 250 that I built to look like the 175 Benelli. I replaced nearly everything with new nos parts minus the seat and mufflers which are Ducati Elite parts. I replaced the generator which came with new points and condenser, power regulator, the headlight was a brand new nos headlight with new electrics in it, fork seals, tires, stainless fasteners on 90% of the build, nos speedo, all new cables, chain, new shocks ect. Anything that I needed to replace was replaced with new parts and not used. Good luck with the sale. The owner is a good man and is solely responsible for my passion of small Italian motorcycles. If you have any questions on the bike please feel free to ask.

1963 Benelli 175 Dash

So what we have here is really a bit of a hot-rod, with mix and match parts to create a bike that fits the builder’s singular vision. This is a seriously classy little machine with just 24 hours left on it. Bidding is just north of $2,000 right now, with the reserve unsurprisingly not met yet. With its mixed bag of parts, this may be a bit of a mongrel, but sometimes mutts make the very best pets!


1963 Benelli 175 R Dash