Classy Survivor: 1975 Laverda 750SF for Sale

1975 Laverda 750SF L Side

Bikes like this Laverda 750SF really appeal to me. I’m not especially concerned with originality, or perfection when it comes to cars and bikes: it’s not that I don’t appreciate a museum-perfect example, or a perfectly turned out custom creation with one-off parts. It’s that I know that’s best choice for other people, or people who can afford to have multiple versions of their favorite vehicles.

1975 Laverda 750SF R Side Front

I also realize that these vehicles were generally not perfect from the factory: compromised by half-understood or half-baked emissions requirements that barely functioned, or engineering solutions that didn’t work as intended, “originality” is interesting, but sometimes overrated. It isn’t like vintage bikes necessarily performed as the manufacturers intended, even when brand new, rolling right off the showroom floor.

So really, what I’m looking for in a motorcycle is something that cleans up well, but isn’t pristine enough that I’d be afraid to actually ride it…

1975 Laverda 750SF Dash

Laverda’s parallel twin, like many of the formerly affordable 1970s motorcycles, have been steadily appreciating in value. Although rarer Jota and race-ready SFC models have seen the biggest jump, even more pedestrian SF models are seeing their pricing finally start to match their relatively high-quality. From the get-go, they were built to last, and used quality switchgear and components that made a lie of the “Italian reliability” stereotype, although the price was a fairly high initial cost.

1975 Laverda 750SF L Side Tank

From the original eBay listing: 1975 Laverda 750SF for Sale

Built August 74. This bike to me is a survivor, tank and side covers have been repainted cyber gray. They were painted orange when I got it and paint was not in good condition. My first Laverda was dark gray so I wanted the same. Myself and friend Scott Potter noted Laverda restorer of rebuilt the engine. New rings, honed cylinders and lapped valves. Crank bearings and rod bearings were in great condition as was the trans. I replaced the swing arm bushings along with the tires (Bridgestone Spitfires). This bike runs and rides great. It is a rider not a show bike. I will let the pictures do the talking.

1975 Laverda 750SF L Side Engine

Although it could be more orange, that’s easily fixed and this is otherwise exactly the kind of bike I’d be looking for personally. Laverdas have an excellent reputation for durability, and the ownership community prides itself of the do-it-yourself-ness required by a long-defunct brand that never produced that many bikes to begin with. It’s a testament to the original’s quality construction that so many examples are still on the road today.

Move quickly, as there’s just one day left on the auction. Bidding is up to just north of $5200, well short of where these would normally be expected to land.


1975 Laverda 750SF R Side Naked

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