Cutting Edge Suzuki: 1983 GS1100 Katana

For Sale: 1983 Suzuki GS1100 Katana

When Suzuki first introduced the Katana in the US in 1981, both the press and the public were taken aback by the sheer audacity of the styling. Originally powered by a 1000cc mill, performance was more than enough to quiet the detractors. In following years, Suzuki bumped displacement to a full 1100cc, upgraded running gear, and made only minor changes to the appearance. This is a 1983 model, which offered the 1100cc motor and the silver\blue paint scheme.

That styling of the Katana was originally penned by Hans Muth, fresh from a stint at BMW. That tiny front fairing was tested and modified in the wind tunnel, and offers a surprising amount of protection for its size.

From the seller:
Museum quality example of last year limited production motorcycle. All original, 6700 easy miles. New tires, carbs serviced 8 months ago, stored with ethanol free gasoline and stabil, never laid down, never wrecked.

The going rate for a Katana is on the rise – and clean, original examples like this one are very hard to come by. The opening bid for this bike is $5,500 – and there is a reserve in place. We have seen these Katanas cross the block in tehe $6k range, but many are poor examples of the breed. This one looks to be in fine condition, has only 6,700 miles on it, and will only go up in value. and find out more information. Better yet, fire off a bid on the bike – there are not many like it left!


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