For Sale: 1974 Laverda 3C

This bike’s in a bit rougher shape than we usually feature here, but I had to post it for two reasons.  One: it’s certainly a rare, classic sport bike for sale.  Two: I have this on my very short list of bikes to own.

The Laverda 3C was the three cylinder successor to the famous 750 SF twins.  Introduced in 1973, the bike displaced 981cc’s, made about 80hp and ran to 130mph.  The original bikes used a 180 degree crank, with pistons oriented “one up, two down”.  This was great for performance, but these motors were almost as famous for their vibration as they were for the power they made.  In 1982, the motor was given a 120 degree crank and the bike had a much smoother character as a result, but lost some of its hard edge.

While not quite as reliable as the earlier twins, the triples were well built and durable bikes with few problems.

The 3C is a somewhat forgotten Laverda, not quite as classic as the earlier parallel twins, and completely overshadowed by the famous, and usually very orange Jota.  The Jota was basically a hot-rod version of the 3C developed in by Slater Laverda in England and introduced in 1976.  It had hotter camshafts and more compression, was good for 90hp, and 140mph.  But it ran poorly under 3000rpm and didn’t really its stride until 6500rpm.

Basically, while the Jotas are the collectable Laverda triples, the 3C’s are the ones to actually ride.

See the original eBay listing for details in big, very red text:

1974 Laverda 3C

This one’s in need of some restoration, but it looks like the parts are all there to build a really nice machine.  I’m not a big fan of the non-original paint on the tank, but that’s simple enough to resolve.  I’d probably just fix the brakes, replace the clutch, tune the carbs, and ride it as-is until I could afford to strip it down and repaint it bright, flaming orange…


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  1. dinoman says:

    You are wise to have the 3C on your shortlist. They are beautiful to look at and fun to ride with plenty of grunt and a unique sound. The vibes really are not bad below 5000 RPM either. Many value them higher than Jotas for the Borrani rims and huge rear drum brake. The huge 200mm headlight doesn’t hurt either. Laverda triples are monstrously undervalued vs. Ducati bevels – for now. They are quicker, better built, and far more durable. And yes, I own both.