Honda 125cc CR93

This is not the first CR93 we have highlighted here on CSBFS, but this one available on eBay right now is red, so that is something different. 125cc over the counter racer from 1962 are not very common here in the US, but with the resurgence of vintage racing, any displacement is going to get peoples attention.

From the seller

HONDA CR93 Racing. Bike has spark, good compression and engage all 5 speed but I never start myself. It’s sitting long time. Both step exchange to folding type, none original grip rubber, tach0meter mount rubber need to replace, out side of left megaphone has patch, kicker shaft oil seal boss edge has small crack(racing do not use), seat recovered, aluminum gas tank and seat has dent. Frame & Engine no. match, lower, upper crank case & cylinder no. match(X16). cylinder head and both cam holder no. match(168). really hard to find matching no. CR93 like this.

The CR93 was developed in conjunction with the road going CB93 Benly. Both had 43mm squared bore and stroke, both 6 speed transmission. They share dual overhead cams, moving 4 valves per cylinder, but after that they take different paths. Performance numbers were advertised at 16.5hp at 11,500rpm, but as with many racing bikes, what a good mechanic can get out of an engine is never discussed.

On the road going CB93 you were able to kick start the bike, but the CR93 lacked that convenience. Headlight and muffled exhaust were a definite on the road, but not for the track. As you can see, this CR93 has that beautiful dirty grey color for both front and rear hubs, something I would hope is an indication of super light Magnesium.

The seller points out, and the pictures confirm, that this bike has been sitting somewhere for a long time. As with any bike that has sat, care has to be taken when putting a motorcycle back on the road/track. Honda has a parts list that will help you along, and if you have the skills and experience, time is the only factor. If you do not have the experience, finding the right person to get this bike going again may take more time. These CR93 were known for their reliability, so once it is up and running you should have lots of track time to enjoy. BB

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