Honda CB77


First offered to the public in 1961, the Honda CB77 Superhawk can be seen as the first shots fired in the war for market domination. This 1966 CB77 shows you what the public did with this parallel twin, 305cc bike when it came to the shores of the US. With the engine integrated as a part of the frame, this showed the world what Honda learned in its first years of Grand Prix racing.


From the seller

This is a rare and wonderful find.  The bike is a 1966 Honda CB77 Superhawk racer.  It was built, owned and raced by two brothers in Northern California.  The bike raced AFM at SearsPoint and Cotati Raceway.  If you look at the picture from the front number plate (which I removed so the bike was street legal with headlight) you will see an AFM tech inspection sticker from Sears Point Raceway

Bike had been in the garage under a lot of dust since the early 80’s.  I rebuilt the carbs, drained and coated the fiberglass tank with Caswell two part epoxy and changed the fuel lines and oil and she started right up and runs the way she should.  The original race tires were cracked and unsafe so I put new tires on her.  The original tires will go with the bike just in case you need them.


What the engine delivered before any race prep was 28hp that claimed 100mph from the factory. What these two brothers could have done to go racing is the tried and true CCC race tuning. Carbs, with Velocity stacks, but are they bigger? Cams? Honda has been known to offer over the counter race parts? Compression, what hides inside of those twins?


Part of buying a vintage racer is the unknown. Racers often evolve in the race it, break it, improve it mode. The seller points out that this 1966 Honda CB77 has some road rash, but who knows if the two brothers had some engine issues, and found some more power with there solutions? BB


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