In Case you missed out on the custom Ducati

Unfortunately this one ended soon after we spotted it. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Recently Tad posted an amazing custom Ducati 450. I was writing this when my research led me back to only to find Tad and I were looking at very similar bikes. Well similar in that they are both Ducati singles. The one I found is a really nice 250 with a very well done restore/cafe. The thing that really catches my eye with this bike is that it looks to be stock but it’s not. I think it takes real talent to combine the right parts and paint to accomplish this. Anybody can through on clubman’s and flat black their bike, so when I see a bike like this I take note. The seller claims to restore Ducati motorcycles as a hobby. I think based on this bike he must know what he’s doing. It’s so tastefully converted to a cafe racer you would think that’s how it left the factory. I’ll let him explain it you…

Up for auction is a restored 1966 Ducati 250 single (narrow case) vintage motorcycle in cafe racer trim.  I restore vintage Ducati motorcycles as a hobby and I’m happy to restore them to their former glory, while making them more reliable and rideable.  When taking this motorcycle out of winter hibernation, it usually takes me two to three kicks at most to get her going.  During the normal season, one kick or two kicks will get her going without problems.  It’s a fantastic strong, reliable start and an excellent ride.  Upon receipt of this motorcycle, you can ride it right away.

Here are a few more details about the motorcycle:

– Completely rebuilt, with less than 700 miles on the rebuild
– High compression piston
– Hot cam setup
– Electronic ignition (no external modifications; retained original vintage look)
– Twin-plug ignition!
– Direct drain oil lines
– Dell’orto PHBH 30 carburetor with trumpet
– 5 speed transmission

– Completely converted to 12-volt system (from 6-volt)
– Upgraded alternator to 12V, 150W (excellent at starting and not to mention excellent lighting; also, no external modifications, retained original vintage look)
– 55W/60W globe so you can actually ride in the dark, not just lighting up your front fender
– All wires replaced, of course

– No visible damage to frame upon inspection during the restoration
– Frame was completely sandblasted and checked for signs of corrosion
– Powdercoat finish

– Professionally rebuilt wheel on Excel rims
– New DID chain
– Pirelli City Demon tires
– Scorpio wireless key alarm (for some peace of mind when you stop in at your local watering hold for a quick drink)
– Veglia big face tachometer in the classic Mach 1 style
– Mach 1 style clip-ons
– Tommaselli Daytona grips and throttle
– Mach 1 suede leather seat
– Rearsets

This motorcycle is currently registered in the State of Connecticut. The State of Connecticut does not issue titles for vehicles of this age, so you will be given a bill of sale only upon successful purchase of this motorcycle.

In 1966 these light weight 250’s produced around 20 hp. That isn’t a lot by today’s standards but when you’re cruising at 80 mph on this bike I’m pretty sure it will feel just like the 180 mph you can do on a modern bike. 🙂

For those of you that need a small cc bike to putt around town, go to local bike night or just to meet some local buds at you favorite watering hole, this has your name written all over it. Perfectly modified to be a reliable and gorgeous ride. The keyless security system, 6 to 12v conversion and everything else this guy did makes this the perfect city bike. Blow you buddies minds by showing up on this tonight.


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