Instant Collection

I have seen , but I always wondered if it was really a success. Can you sell multiple bikes, and find multiple bidders that are ready to be and instant collector of your favorite bikes?

The auction has to have a headliner, and the seller chose the Ducati to draw in the bidders. Based on the smaller bikes the, 450cc was the maximum that this design could handle and was offered in both road going and off road form.

The Ducati is a 1974 450 cc restored to concourse condition

When selling anything on Ebay it is always in your best interest to give the best description that you can and add the best pictures. It is hard to do this with one bike, even more difficult with multiple bikes

The Mondial is a 1960 175 cc – I believe the pictures speak for themselves.

Not really. This is a bike that is not a common sight to see, and to sell it you have to educate the buyers. From the one picture it looks to have gear driven over head cam engine, and very few bikes do, so I can only guess this would be a very nice bike to own.

The MV Augusta is a 1972 350 cc is a great original bike bought from the original owner

Again a rare bike, again more pictures and more information would help sell this bike. This might be a 350 Electra,  a twin cylinder 350, but it might not be. I would love to know more, MV Agustas from the early 1970 are sexy bikes.

The BMW is a 1967 R60 is in average condition- it was repainted but is a fair paint job

I am a BMW person, and the R60 is a great bike you can use as a daily driver even in today’s traffic, but I don’t think that it appeals to the same group as the three previous bikes.

The KTM all original 1976 340 cc in great condition.

I know nothing about KTM other then they make dirt bikes, like this one, and now high end street bikes.

            The Vespa is a 1950 very rare- I believe is a 150 cc- very good condition.

Again a great name, with a great following, but not something we here at CSBFS know a lot about.

There are some great bikes in this collection. But I think of it more as a bike night gathering. You always see something there that you would like, but always walk past lots more. I can see a couple people getting together to buy these bikes, but the seller says that they have over $60,000 invested, and that works out to be about $10,000 per bike. Yes on the MV Agusta, not so much on the KTM.


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