Low-Mileage, Unrestored1975 BMW R90S for Sale!

1975 BMW R90S L Side

Ah, another sportbike from Ze Germans. BMW, in typical Teutonic fashion, approached their sportbikes with a more integrated approach: form followed function. Although, barring pure racing machines, the R90S was the sportingest bike they’d ever produced, it definitely lacked sex appeal when compared to Italian or British machines. But what it lacked in style, it made up for in pure function: it could haul in the canyons and munch miles on the open road, then arrive for dinner with unruffled class. This was a sport-touring bike with the emphasis definitely placed on “sport.”

1975 BMW R90S L Tank

Introduced in 1974, the bike was intended to sit at the top of the range and featured BMW’s highly developed “air-head” flat-twin engine, clean, low-maintenance shaft-drive, and an effective bikini fairing. The bike was fast, well-equipped, and refined: a true gentleman’s express with a top speed of 124mph and handling that allowed it to place first and second at the very first AMA Superbike race.

1975 BMW R90S Engine Detail

The BMW R90S featured an interesting front-brake arrangement: the lever operated a short cable to the master cylinder, which was mounted on the frame below the tank. It was thought that this provided increased safety, as the master cylinder was not vulnerable to damage during a crash.

1975 BMW R90S R Airbox

From the original eBay listing: 1975 BMW R90S for Sale!

The condition of this machine is highly original and un-restored.  It has 8,482 original miles from new.  The frame and engine numbers are factory correct and original.  It is the 900 cc engine.  The gearbox is also original to the machine.  This R90 S is completely original and has never been apart.  I am either the third or fourth owner from new.  This machine has been in my collection for some time, is started on a regular basis, and ridden occasionally.

When I purchased the bike, it had been sitting for some time in completely original condition.  I went through the machine top to bottom and checked all of the major engine, transmission, and braking components for functionality and safety.  The gas tank is in very nice  condition, the inside having no corrosion evident, the carburetors were inspected, cleaned, and re-installed, the air filter checked, all fluids changed, and both front and rear brakes taken apart, cleaned, re-built, and re-installed, the consequence of the bike sitting idle for a long period of time before I acquired it.   

Make sure you head over to eBay to read the rest of the listing and see additional, high-quality images: the seller pretty comprehensively describes the condition of this very nice machine.

1975 BMW R90S Dash

Striking in its factory orange-fade paint, this one looks like a nearly perfect bike to own and ride, with low enough miles to be desirable and original, but not so low you might be tempted to squirrel it away in a garage somewhere. Or a livingroom. Not much time left, so move quickly if you feel this classy and ahem “mature” machine is the one you’ve been looking for.


1975 BMW R90S R Side

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1 Response

  1. Jeff Gray says:

    I had a ’76 R90S some years back, and in the same color. The only difference was when I bought it, I had the dealer do a dual-plug conversion to the heads, which allowed me to run modern gas in it.
    I rode the snot out of that bike, doing many runs from south of Boston to my girlfriend’s house up in New Hampshire (US).
    Like most machines that are assembled by people, not machines, it had a definite personality, seeming to love 83 MPH. I guess that was it’s “sweet spot”.
    I sold it (at a profit!) some years ago, and have regretted it since.
    Were I to hit the lottery, this would be at the top of my “gotta have it” list.
    Good luck to whoever gets it.
    Merry Christmas.