Meet Up at the Ace Cafe

It could also have been called gathering of Motorcycles as seen on Classic Sports It was really amazing that if the bike has been seen on CSBFs, it was at the Meet Up, and if it hasn’t been seen on CSBFS then it hasn’t been up for sale (can you say 1925 BMW R37). That leads me to wonder how many of the bikes could have been highlighted on CSBFS?

The morning started for me at about 8am, heading to the local pure gas station to fill up on ethanol free gas. Then a flyer down I-5 to Tacoma, taking the Tacoma Dome exit to get to the LeMay Automobile Museum. I had not yet been to the new multi million dollar LeMay Museum, and it was a contrast to the LeMay Family Collection my bike has spent some time at. The actual Meet happened in the large Meeting Field next to the Museum, but when I entered my bike in the concourse I was given a free admittance to the Car museum, and there were some very nice cars shown inside.

This was my first entrance into a Concourse, but it was really laid back. I paid the nice lady, she gave me a shwag bag and a place card to write my bikes information on it. I then rode my bike around to the Classic German corral, lined it up with the other bikes and parked it. I left my helmet and jacket with the bike and then started wandering around and taking pictures.

As you can imagine the field was broken up in the standard categories’. Vintage American, Classic British, Japanese, Competition bikes (Brooks Motor Works entered both the Bonneville Salt Flat Racers) Italians were huddled together. Scoters and Custom bikes were a little away from the other bikes for some reason.

The great thing about the Meet Up at the Ace was that it was laid back, and sunny. You could look at the bikes, and if the owner was there chat them up about how they got the bike, what they had done and what other bikes they might have. Sitting around the Bonneville Race bikes was fun because people were impressed with the huge Dustbin fairing, but also wanted to hear tails of the Salt. Everyone had a bike they had been talking about taking, and my answer to all of them was that the hardest part was getting there. Go to the Salt, you will regret it if you haven’t.

Well after a couple hours of sitting and looking, a bunch of us walked down the street from the Museum and had a nice lunch. We then walked back, look around some more, but it was getting late and I had to head home. So grabbed my jacket and helmet from in front of my bike, kicked it to life and headed out. I had to wait for a parade of 10 woman in bikini’s and sun hats being followed by a guy with a video camera, so if anyone can explain that to me.

What I did not expect when I got home was a call from a friend who had stayed the day. They told me I had left too early and they had something for me. Well it appears the judges were impressed with what I brought and decided that my bike was the 3rd Best Classic German Bike at the Meet at the Café. BB

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