Purple Widow Maker 1975 Kawasaki H2 Mach IV

Usually when I see a bike painted purple I try to imagine it in a different color. This is not the case for this H2. For some reason I’ve always like the stock purple color these came in. These bikes were notorious for wheelies when you didn’t want them. What? When would you not want a wheelie? Alright, maybe when you’re going into a curve or in front of a cop. Other than that, bring on the power wheelie. 🙂 Only made from 1972 to 1975 + easy to wreck = theses bikes are pretty hard to find in original condition. I’ve herd of people being scared by them on the way home from the dealer and never riding again. I don’t know if that happened but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it is.

1975 Kawasaki H2 Mach IV for sale on eBay

The seller is very thorough with his description:

Up for auction a nice 1975 Kawasaki H2 Mach IV.

It has less than 2,500 miles and the gauges look like new.

It has a clear title.

I believe the miles are accurate, because of the tires that the bike came with were the original ones.

FRAME: H2F-45605
ENGINE: H2E-35482

  • Brand new tires.
    • Balanced
    • New inner tubes
  • Brand new battery
  • It has a $1,000 super nice paint job.
    • No decals – Lines and letters are painted.
    • Gas tank is clean inside.
  • All electric work as they should.
    • Turn signals
    • Head light
    • Stop light
      • Missing plastic base. (refer to picture)
    • Dash lights
    • Horn
    • Left handle switch ok
    • Right handle switch ok.
  • Recently tuned.
    • Starts within the first 3-4 kicks
    • Idles great at 1,500RPM
    • Revs up as it should…….Lots of power.
    • Carburetors were completely inspected and adjusted.
    • Petcock works fine and has new fuel lines.
    • No oil or fuel leaks.
  • Chrome is in great shape.
    • Mufflers have no dents and are original, another indication that confirms low miles.
      • Minor scratches here and there.
      • No silencers.
    • Front fender is nice, no dents or scratches.
    • Original handle bar was re-chromed
    • Front forks have no pitting or rust.
    • Chain cover needs to be re-chromed.
    • Kick start very nice
    • Shift lever very nice too.
    • Rear break lever also nice. No rust or pitted.
  • Seat cover is like brand new.
    • Missing rear grab bar.
  • The frame was cleaned and re-touched but if I had the time I would repaint or powder coated.
    • I think this is something that will make the bike closer to showroom conditions.
    • Center stand nneds to be installed. (I will do it within the next few days)

Note: The clutch is hard to pull, but works fine.

Feel free to ask any questions and look at the pictures for details.

I can coordinate to ship this jewel anywhere.

I can also get good shipping rates.

Even though the seller is very thorough he doesn’t mention a few things so ask lots of questions. Be prepared to open your wallet wide, no, a little wider, nope, still not wide enough. I have seen these going for $2k for a thrashed untitled one to $10k for nice one. I’m gonna guess $6k for this, we’ll see if I’m right in a few days when the auction ends. Click here to see a neat purple H2

In 1974 they tried to smooth out the H2’s peaky power band that came on around 3500 rpms and didn’t stop until you wreck, I mean at 7500 rpms. With 74 HP and weighing in at 460 lbs it doesn’t seem that it would have that great of performance on paper. Those who know two strokes know that the power to weight ratio is offset by the power band. They added a longer sing arm in 1974 as well to help with stability. If I were looking for one of these a 1974-75 would be what I would look for. These bikes were just another nail in the coffin for the British bikes that ruled just a few years earlier. The British just didn’t have a bike that popped wheelies when you didn’t want them, they just didn’t it. Buy it, you know you want it. Just get a big life insurance policy before you crank that throttle.


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1 Response

  1. Glen says:

    Cool. Old bike, feels much faster than it is. It is missing the rear fender and, even though the paint is beautiful, it does not add value. The appeal of this bike to me is as a base for modification. A nice set of chambers,aluminum swing arm, modern shocks and forks would make avery fun, much more rideable bike. On the open road, anyone with experience on a modern 600 will be unimpressed with the stock bike. It was scary for the handling mostly.