Racing Heritage on the Cheap: 1975 MV Agusta Ipotesi Racebike

1975 MV Agusta Iptotesi Race Bike L Front

Considering how rare MV Agustas are in general, it’s been positively raining them for the past month, and this Ipotesi [“hypothesis” in Italian] race bike is certainly new to me: we’ve featured several of the roadgoing Ipotesis recently, but this is the first race version I’ve seen. The MV Agusta Ipotesi was produced between 1975 and 1977 and was available in faired and unfaired flavors. It was powered by a relatively unexciting 350cc pushrod, air-cooled parallel-twin engine but did use an innovative electronic ignition system that should remove the headache of points… Unless you need to get parts for it.

1975 MV Agusta Iptotesi Race Bike R Front

The bike was styled by famed designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. I’m a huge fan of his car designs, especially the Maserati Ghibli, Alfa Romeo GTV, and Lotus Esprit. His bikes? Not so much. In fact, bikes like his Ducati 860GT and Kamen Rider-styled Suzuki Re5 were notable failures that were quickly toned-down by the manufacturers after disappointing initial sales. I’m okay with both of those bikes, but they’re hardly styling triumphs. The Ipotesi, on the other hand, is a great-looking machine, especially in traditional MV Agusta colors and tricked out with race bodywork and a bum-stop seat.

1975 MV Agusta Iptotesi Race Bike Cockpit

The original eBay listing can be found here: 1975 MV Agusta Ipotesi Racebike for Sale

The fragile fairing plastics look to be in perfect condition in the photos, a genuine concern on a bike this rare. Much as I prefer the function of disc brakes, that front drum does look pretty great, and those slightly curved Magni pipes [thanks for pointing those out last time Daniel!] apparently have the qualities you’d expect from Magni, including lighter weight and better sound.

1975 MV Agusta Iptotesi Race Bike L Detail

So far, this Ipotesi has generated no real interest, with just two days left on the auction. That may be because the seller includes basically no history of this particular bike, although some nice photos help to make up for that somewhat. $12,000 seems like a pretty reasonable price for an authentic racing MV Agusta, but some history would be appreciated. Has the bike had any famous riders or notable successes? Does the bike have any mechanical issues? That might go some way to justifying the price, as previous Ipotesis have been listed with starting bids several thousand less.

But whether you plan to run it or just display it in your living room, it seems like a relative bargain, even at that price.


1975 MV Agusta Iptotesi Race Bike R Front 2



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