Rare Canadian Turbo: 1979 Kawasaki Z1RTC

For Sale: 1979 Kawasaki Z1RTC

These ATP-Kawasaki hybrid bikes are rare birds indeed. Our sister site, RSBFS has only ever posted on one, a 1978 Silver US model bike. Today’s feature, a 1979 model, wears the correct colors for the year and appears to be in great shape.

Preceding the “factory” turbo bikes by a few years, the Z1RTC started life as a basic Z1R. From there, Turbo Cycle Corporation (TCC for short, founded by ex-Kawasaki Marketing Director, Alan Masek) bolted on a ATP turbo kit. These bikes were then sold through a limited number of Kawasaki dealerships sans warranty. It was an effective arrangement for Kawasaki – who recieved the press and performance accolades without incurring any of the warranty headaches.

In 1978, US bikes were painted Silver, while Canadian bikes had the multi-stripe graphic. By 1979 all the bikes were painted in the multi-stripe configuration, including all of the unsold units from 1978. By 1980 increased pressure from the EPA regarding emssions and emissions-related modifications shut the party down for TCC.

From the seller:
Up for sale is a 1979 Kawasaki Z1RTC Turbocharged original

34288 miles
New Turbo
New Tires
New Piston kit
Original invoice, only one owner
Welded crank

The seller has included a lot of pictures of this beautiful bike, and has also offered up the following video. There is no doubt that this Z1RTC is a potent performer!

With an estimated total of 500 units completed, the Z1RTC is a very unique offering. It has all of the “limited edition” appeal of a factory bike, performance that eclipsed the fastest road rockets of the day, and the timeless looks of a classic.

This classified auction is going on right now. The seller has set a rather steep price for this particular example: $31,000 or best offer. While that asking price may be a bit optimistic, he is open to offers and may accept a more reasonable figure. For more information, more pictures and more details on this ultra-rare work of art, . Tell ’em you found it on CSBFS!


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