Reader’s Ride: Ferocious 1973 TZ350A Vintage Racebike for Sale

1973 Yamaha TZ350 L Side

From one of our readers on the other side of the world comes this snarling little beast, a 1973 Yamaha TZ350A.  None of the usual worries about titling a bike from beyond our shores: this one never had one anyway.  The TZ series of bikes were pure production roadracers, and never intended to be used on the street.  Although I’m sure you could pull some shenanigans with derelict RZ frame and slap some lights on it…  But why?  Just load this thing up on your trailer and take it to the track!

With a dry weight of about 250 pounds and 60hp on tap, this shrieking little smoker would be a fun surprise for guys on more modern bikes…

This “A Series” bike from 1973 was the first of the water-cooled two-stroke TZ’s, and has the earlier dual-shock frame.  Later machines went to a monoshock setup, which may be better for performance, but I think I prefer this classic look.  It does, however, sport an updated clutch from a later machine, and known weak point on the A’s.

1973 Yamaha TZ350 R Rear

The original listing has a ton of useful details, including spare parts, tire pressures and carb jetting info, although this may not apply unless you’re going to keep this in New Zealand:

1973 TZ 350A for Sale

Twin shock rear, plenty of spares including a fresh crank, not installed, replated barrels, not yet fitted, new pistons, new rings plus lots of other bits.
Clutch center bearing conversion.  No more broken plates.
The current crank has done about 500 ks and the pistons and rings are ok.
Swarbrick pipes fitted, I still have the originals but they need some work, period modifications include TX 650 lower fork legs, now with Racetech internals, TX 650 hub and a single disc.
Rear shocks are modified YSS shock and they are not to bad at all.
Spare body work, original aluminium belly pan.
Full set of front and rear sprockets, spare chain.
Good tyres with a Dunlop race tyre on the back and a Bridgestone BT45 on the front, PVL ignition, and a set of rollers to help start it if your to tired to push it like me!
I also have a full log book detailing race meetings, gearing used, tyre pressures, jetting used and any problems ( not many) and parts replaced.
The original front wheel and brake was replaced many years ago and not by me.

1973 Yamaha TZ350 Engine

This is a beautiful, collectible bike in very usable shape, and the seller is looking for $14,000 for the package.  But don’t hesitate to contact the seller: he’s open to offers and is willing to sell the bike with or without spares, so it sounds like he wants to talk.


1973 Yamaha TZ350 On Track

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