Stuffing BSA A65’s

So it’s the day before Thanksgiving as I write this and I am starting to starve myself so that I can be super gluttonous tomorrow. In that light I decided to see how may BSA 650cc A65 I could stuff into one post.

The A65 650cc twin had grown to be in 1962 out of the earlier A10 and was offered up until  1970, with the pinnacle of development being the 1969 Spitfire. Along the way a touring Thunderbolt, an all around Lightning, the Scrambler Hornet were all based on the A65, with only the state of tune and accessories being different. What I was able to find today on offer is something for everyone.


From the Seller of this 1965

This bike was put away running a few years ago, I think the exhaust isn’t original, and the handle bars definitely are not. I’ve made my best effort to make this bike run, The points have been changed, I discovered the choke was set to half on one side of the engine probably to make up for one of the carbs being dirty, the ignition switch wasn’t making contact inside of itself so I jumped it to make it think it was switched on, I had the choke cables on a pair of pliers to choke it in hopes of getting it started


This from the Off Road A65 seller, short and sweet

This is a really nice Firebird, new paint, new exhaust, new concentric carbs, runs excellent, beautiful bike.


Claims to be the Best A65 Thunderbolt and priced to prove it

“This is an awesome bike! It is without a doubt the nicest English bike that I have ever owned.  The “Condition” is outstanding.  It is beautiful, and runs great! Very Cool and Rare bike guys.” It is great shape for a 43 year old bike. I have not even detailed it!  It definitely does not look, or ride like a 43 year old bike. It starts quickly, and runs very well. “I was told that it is not restored, and the miles are accurate.” (I have in writing his stating this) I can not confirm the mileage.


From the Seller of a very nice Lightning

The bike is in excellent mechanical condition. The engine feels amazingly taut and fresh. It has instant and strong power, and is in fine tune. The clutch is excellent and it shifts through gears faultlessly. Brakes, suspension, and all electrical, with the exception of the ammeter, work flawlessly. The frame is straight and true, and tires are very good, not at all hard and have plenty of tread remaining. It is a true pleasure to ride. It feels bright and fresh and a more modern feel than most.


Another Short and Sweet, letting the picture tell it all

This motorcycle was in nice shape when it was torn down.

Parts missing:  Carburetor and cylinder jug, exhaust system.


The BSA A65 is a motorcycle that gave you the choice. You could Tour, be sporty, go off road, or chop it. There were other brands that came out of Britain at the time, but the BSA had, and will continue to have a following, both long time and new. BB


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