1977 Laverda America 1200

1977 Laverda 1200 America L side

Laverda Week continues with this interesting example, painted up in appropriately patriotic colors for the 4th of July weekend!  While I generally prefer my Laverdas orange, this color seems to suit the machine well.

Early Laverda triples were burly machines, with high-effort controls that required decisive input and skill to manipulate.  One period tester suggested using both feet to operate the rear brake pedal!  But this reflected the basic robustness and durability of Laverda’s construction, so the bikes are generally very reliable.  And the sturm und drang exhaust howl of bikes with the 180° crank make all that hard work worthwhile.

The 1200 Jota America was a really a lower-compression version of the 1000cc triple, intended to satisfy EPA emissions requirements for the United States.  In order to gain back lost horses and keep power competitive, Laverda overbored the motor slightly to 1116cc but, otherwise, this was just a standard triple: unless fitted by the dealer, none of the hot cams and performance bits fitted to the original Jotas were to be found on this machine.

1977 Laverda 1200 America Dash

The original eBay listing is pretty spare: 1977 Laverda 1200 America for Sale

This is a nice original Laverda 1200 America.  Has been in my father’s collection for about 7 years.  Motorcycle is in nice unrestored condition.  Will need to have a battery, carbs cleaned and new rubber before riding.

There isn’t really much information about this example in the ad, but the photos show a bike that is in pretty solid condition.  It will obviously require a complete going-through some basic maintenance to make it roadworthy, but these bikes don’t normally come up for sale all that often, so strike while the iron is hot!


1977 Laverda 1200 America R side