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Little Jewel: 1956 Parilla 175 Turismo Veloce for Sale

1957 Parilla 175 Tourismo R Front

Today’s machine is a very pretty little four-stroke single Parilla 175 Tourismo Veloce. Founded by Giovanni Parrilla With Two R’s in 1946 and built in his Milan workshop that specialized in diesel and injector pump repair, Parilla was a dominant force in small-displacement racing and built well-regarded road bikes until the onslaught of fast, cheap two-stroke motorcycles from Japan hit the market.

1957 Parilla 175 Tourismo L Engine

Many Parillas featured the distinctive “high-cam” engine that used short pushrods to actuate the valves actuated by a chain-driven cam just beneath the head. This kept the valvegear light for performance at higher revs and meant that the head could be removed easily without disturbing the timing. You can easily see the little rubber boots that cover the pushrods on the left-hand side of the engine. 175cc’s was as big as Parillas generally got, although the USA did naturally see a bigger 250cc version.

1957 Parilla 175 Tourismo R Tank

This example has shiny new paint and slightly more patina-d brightwork and metal, although it is overall a very elegant machine. Virtually impossible to find here in the US, this will be a labor of love, as you’ll likely spend a lot of time using GoogleTranslate to order parts from Italy…

1957 Parilla 175 Tourismo Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1956 Parilla 175 Turismo Veloce for Sale

Here for sale a very rare Parilla 175 TV Export high cams

The bike was been restored 5 years ago from the owner’s nephew. 

The bike is in very good conditions, and run very smooth.

Italian papers ready for export

1957 Parilla 175 Tourismo R Engine

Bidding is up to $7,900 at the time of writing and please note that the bike is in Italy. If you plan to run this bike on the road or in Moto Giro events, be sure to check with your local laws before your itchy mouse-finger clicks on that bright, blue “Place bid” button…


1957 Parilla 175 Tourismo L Front

1963 Benelli 175 for Sale

1963 Benelli 175 L Dash

Another small-bore sporting machine from the same seller that brought us the Moto Morini Corsarino, same lack of real detail, same nice photos. These lightweight, economical bikes were designed to fill a similar niche as the competing machines from Moto Guzzi, Ducati, and Laverda: the very real need for inexpensive, reliable transportation for an economy rebounding from the Second World War. They were designed to bring a bit more style and athleticism to the table than a scooter, but fulfill primarily the same purpose.

1963 Benelli 175 R Rear

From the original eBay listing: 1963 Benelli 175 for sale

We do not have any history on this beautifully restored Benelli, except that it won “Best of Show” at the 2013 Dallas Mods & Rockers Motorcycle Show.
We are certain that the Benelli cognoscenti could shed more light on the history of this bike than we can.
The frame number is H8210 and the engine number is HS14392. There are detailed pictures of both the frame and engine numbers in the gallery of pictures.
This Benelli runs perfectly and needs nothing. It is certainly MotoGiro capable. Please look at the detailed pictures carefully as they really tell the story.

1963 Benelli 175 L Engine

Luckily, the listing also includes a response from the bike’s builder, and it seems maybe there’s a bit more to this machine than meets the eye…

This is Jason Small. I’m the one who built this bike. This is a 1967 riverside 250 that I built to look like the 175 Benelli. I replaced nearly everything with new nos parts minus the seat and mufflers which are Ducati Elite parts. I replaced the generator which came with new points and condenser, power regulator, the headlight was a brand new nos headlight with new electrics in it, fork seals, tires, stainless fasteners on 90% of the build, nos speedo, all new cables, chain, new shocks ect. Anything that I needed to replace was replaced with new parts and not used. Good luck with the sale. The owner is a good man and is solely responsible for my passion of small Italian motorcycles. If you have any questions on the bike please feel free to ask.

1963 Benelli 175 Dash

So what we have here is really a bit of a hot-rod, with mix and match parts to create a bike that fits the builder’s singular vision. This is a seriously classy little machine with just 24 hours left on it. Bidding is just north of $2,000 right now, with the reserve unsurprisingly not met yet. With its mixed bag of parts, this may be a bit of a mongrel, but sometimes mutts make the very best pets!


1963 Benelli 175 R Dash


1959 Ducati 175 Sport for Sale

1959 Ducati 175 Sport R Side

It’s easy to forget, but Ducati’s history began with a tiny little bicycle motor and their sporting roots are in single-cylinder machines. Unlike today’s “entry-level sportbikes,” they featured sophisticated technology and top-shelf components: the very first production Desmo Ducati was actually a 1968 250/350 Mk 3! It’s a little rough, but this 1959 Ducati 175 Sport would be a great candidate for restoration, or you can just enjoy the classic patina as-is and wait for the value to climb further… I’d be unable to resist putting some new tires on so I could blat around the neighborhood.

1959 Ducati 175 Sport Tank

These are delicate little machines, so different from the hyperbikes that Ducati seems to focus on today: 190hp frameless road missiles, 1200cc naked roadsters, cruisers with impossibly fat, 200mm rear tires.  Not that I don’t lust after those, it’s just that modern bikes have become so much more capable than all but the most skilled riders, a two-wheeled performance pissing match akin to the nearly pointless posturing of the 200+ mph car club.

1959 Ducati 175 Sport L Grip

This is clearly being offered up by an enthusiast. The original eBay listing contains some history of the owner’s relationship with this machine: 1959 Ducati 175 Sport for Sale

I took part in the Italian Motogiro several years ago on a Moto Morini 175 Tresette.  It was truly an incredible experience!  Once I got home, I began collecting a few Giro-eligible 175cc Italian bikes, which have never been easy to locate here in the US.  One of the bikes I felt was a mandatory addition to my collection was a Ducati 175 Sport.  The only problem was finding one.  I searched and searched, and kept coming up empty.  Finally, I was able to locate one but it was located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The logistics were tricky and expensive, but I managed to get the bike crated and shipped back to California.

This particular bike is unique as many electrical components were sourced from Argentinian manufacturers, and these should not be viewed as “incorrect” when the bike is eventually restored.

The “Jelly Mould” gas tank is in very nice solid condition.  I have seen these genuine tanks alone trade for $2500-$3000.

Originally, this bike was going to be restored, but the bike had a unique time-worn patina that i really enjoyed.  It became part of my collection and was displayed many times over the next several years at various events (last was my “Barn Find” display at the 2013 Quail Motorcycle Gathering alongside my Vincent, Harley & Indian).

1959 Ducati 175 Sport R Rear Susp

I took a while for the “jelly mould” tanks to look right to me: they really do have a strange shape. The design is intended to allow the rider’s arms to tuck in close against the tank and the little loops on top allow packages and luggage to be strapped to the tank. According to the seller, it starts easily but has had no fuel in the tank, so it is currently more for display than riding, although that should be fairly simple to correct. When restored, these little bikes just radiate cool, and the vivid paint scheme is one of the most striking ever put on a factory bike.

Bidding is active, but still very low and the reserve has not yet been met.


1959 Ducati 175 Sport L Rear