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1978 Benelli 750 Sei for Sale

1978 Benelli 750 Sei

Six-cylinder bikes are not designed with practicality in mind: they’re expensive to engineer and manufacture, present significant packaging issues whether inline or vee engines, are often very thirsty, and difficult to maintain.  But as a statement, as a flagship model, as a simple finger [middle or otherwise] in the face of your competition, they can’t be beat.

1978 Benelli 750 Sei R Side

The Benelli Sei first appeared in 1972 as a 750cc machine, with a 900cc version following in 1978.  The Sei was developed while Benelli was owned by Alejandro De Tomaso [of Pantera and Maserati fame] as a statement of bold intent to the Big Three Japanese manufacturers that his firm could compete with them in terms of engineering ability, although the Sei was relatively unexceptional in most regards, excepting its spectacularly smooth and exotic motor.

The 750cc version made about 71hp and was capable of 126mph, but it was heavy and expensive, with limited cornering clearance.

1978 Benelli 750 Sei Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1978 Benelli 750 Sei for Sale

This is a 1978 Benelli 750 sei. 100% original, 100% complete (only missing one reflector on the front right signal housing) Showing only 4323 miles on the odometer. Bike had been sitting for many years. Got some fresh fuel to the carbs and it wants to run, though only on choke. This bike will need to be gone through. Electric start and lights/switches/signals work as they should. Gauge cluster is cracked at mounts. Brakes work, rotors have some rust but will clean up fine. Tires are original Perrelli and will need to be replaced. Most of the chrome has pitting, some rather deep. Fenders are real clean. Pipes are all very solid with some pitting, heavy on lower left pipe. Front spokes have some rust. Paint is all original and in very nice condition but not perfect, NO dents or dings. Inside of fuel tank has some rust, still very usable but will need a good cleaning. Seat is very nice. Tool tray under seat has a small piece broken from it. Overall this bike is in good original condition. It would be perfect for a full restoration as all the parts are there. Or, go through it, clean it up, and have an original rider.

1978 Benelli 750 Sei R Tank

Here’s a good clip of a Sei running, to give you an idea what these Benellis can sound like when set up properly.

This particular machine needs some work, but it seems like work worth doing: the bike appears to be complete and very original.  I’m sure the carbs will require some pretty serious money and/or time to put right, but this looks like it could easily become a nice rolling restoration.

There’s definitely a Benelli Sei in my fantasy garage, so I’ll be watching this auction to see where it ends up.


1978 Benelli 750 Sei L Rear

1979 Honda CBX for Sale

1979 Honda CBX R Side

The Honda CBX is a classic example of motorcycle excess, a bike whose reason to exist seems to simply have been “because we could.” A huge, air-cooled inline six slung across the frame is an unusual powerplant, but it certainly looks good.  Few bikes have bothered with this configuration, and only BMW has tried it recently: complexity and packaging issues make them pretty impractical.

The CBX was introduced in 1979 and  was supposedly only slightly wider than Honda’s own 750 four, although you’d never know that by looking at it.  The 1047cc, 24 valve, straight six was meant to evoke the racing heritage of Honda’s six cylinder racebikes, but the machine’s nearly 600 pounds blunted any real sporting aspirations.

1979 Honda CBX Dash

To a casual viewer, a Honda CBX looks like any other 1970’s Japanese machine.  But look closer, and you notice the massively wide engine sticking out on either side and six pipes that cascade from the exhaust side of the cylinder head.  It’s no canyon-carver, more of a luxury, sport-touring GT.  A strong visual statement with plenty of turbine-smooth power and shrieking exhaust note that make for a very addictive ride.

Go here for the original eBay listing: 1979 Honda CBX for Sale

The bike had sat for sometime, the carbs were pretty well clogged with old ethanol gas (as most of you can imagine).  So we pulled them off and gave them each a thorough cleaning – with the new carbs back on the bike and some fresh gas, she fired right up!  This CBX has an absolutely incredible sound – when you crack open the throttle, she sounds like a V12 Ferrari – clean, crisp, high pitched – take a listen on the YouTube videos we have posted below and hear for yourself (… and yes, she does have the signature/normal clutch basket rattle that all ’79 CBX’s are notorious for – do a google search on CBX Clutch Basket Noise – you will be able to read all about this specific noise).  She really pulls hard/strong through all gears and through the entire RPM  range – she is actually way faster than we had expected (first CBX for us)!  EVERYTHING on this bike works:  all gauges, all lights, all indicator lights.  Her brakes are awesome and she handles really well for a bike of this size.  She recently won a trophy for the “Best Stock Bike” category (as chosen by the spectators) in a local car/bike show.  The motor and bike are super clean – seeing her in person and giving her the once over will confirm why she took that trophy (as these photos and videos really do not do this bike justice)!

1979 Honda CBX L Engine1979 Honda CBX Pipes

This one sports a very cool looking 6-into-1 exhaust which goes a long way towards lightening the looks of the bike and replaces the stock, paired 3-into-1 system.  The new system also sounds, as the cliché goes, like a Ferrari, with an exotic, ripping wail like nothing else on two wheels:

While maintenance can be expensive for these, they’re reliable in typical Honda Fashion.  Take care of this one and it should reward you with years of arm-stretching, stoplight-to-stoplight fun.


1979 Honda CBX L Rear

1981 Honda CBX With 1 Mile: Easy Restoration Project?

The good news: This CBX has nearly no miles! The not so good news: It has damage from other bikes falling on it. The CBX has a loyal following without a doubt and this reportedly zero mile example sure will find another home. The question is at what price. It’s hard to know from the pictures how tough it will be to get this bike into showroom/museum condition for the price. The current bid is $4550 reserve not met but the listing also wears a $10k buy-it-now. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


1981 Honda CBX 1 Mile Project For Sale on eBay

from the seller:

This bike has been in my shed for well over a decade. I was going to get it going but I’ve moved on to other projects and it is just in the way now.

This bike has no miles on it. It does, however have some damage from being in storage where it had another bike fall over onto it causing it to fall into another bike.

You can see the windshield is cracked, the left mirror is broken, the front brake lever is broken, the glass is broken out of the headlight cover, the right grip is torn, the right lower faring is broken, the fuel tank has dents on both sides and both saddlebags are scratched or scuffed.

To my knowledge, this bike has never even been started.

The exhaust is in excellent shape as is the rest of the body work, engine components, wheels, gauges, bars, controls, seat, turn signals etc… If there are any questions please give me a call or message through ebay.

Six Pipes of Fun and Beauty

Let me start with a quote from the seller. “THIS IS NOT A NEW BIKE & IT IS NOT A RESTORED BIKE IT IS ORIGINAL & ORIGINAL IS ONLY ONCE!” When it comes to classic sport bikes unrestored is my kind of thing, bikes are only original once. As soon as that frame is stripped and powder coated you have made a really neat unoriginal bike. I do like a clean restore but original really gets my revs to redline. The seller claims it’s in excellent mechanical & cosmetic condition. Perfect for a collector or an enthusiast with only 10,300 miles. If you were riding one of these in 1979 nobody could catch you.

1979 Honda CBX For Sale on eBay

Here’s the info from the seller:

This 1979 Honda CBX is in excellent mechanical & cosmetic condition. CBX is an unmolested survivor with under 10,300 miles. The ‘79’ is the most sought after & collectable of the CBX’s, as it had the highest output of any of the CBX’s.

When introduced in 1979 Honda’s CBX had more cylinders, camshafts, horse-power, speed and acceleration then any consumer bike every brought to market. In Cycle World’s January 1979 issue, they quote “The CBX is still the fastest bike we’ve ever tested.” “howling down the drag strip in 11.46 seconds with a terminal speed of 117.95 mph.”

It is meticulously clean with all painted parts showing in as new condition, the original exhaust system is just beautiful, the original chrome looks and shines as new, . This bike is as original , The frame is beautiful, original paint, with the factory instruction and warning stickers still intact.

All the wiring is perfect, of course all electrics work, as they should. All mechanical aspects of the bike work, as they should.

The wheels are like the rest, in exceptional original condition. runs super regesterded & inspected just needs to be ridden more often





The BIN price ($9395) is not as high as I have seen them in the past and at the time of this post the bids are up to $5k with the reserve still in place. You can see that the controls are showing some age and the engine has started to get a little patina but its very clean and original. These bikes get a lot of attention in every group with their wide inline six cylinder and chrome 6 into 2 pipes. I once told my wife that a CBX was coming down the road when it was at least a mile away because I could see those pipes glistening in the sun. 🙂 Did I mention the silver ones are my favorite? I envy the person who wins the auction, I hope that person enjoys their new investment.


Six Italians, Bennelli 900 Sei

1983 Bennelli 900 Sei for sale

You may have guessed the Sei is six in Italian. While there have been six cylinders in a motorcycle before (Honda RC166), Bennelli was the first production 6 cylinder bike. Designed in 1972 but hitting  the market in 1974 with 750cc and increasing in 1979 to 906cc. With the Single Over Head Cam (SOHC) and 80hp offered at 8400rpm this portly 549lb bike was still able to reach 120mph and a quarter mile in 13.3 sec at 99.8 mph. Three Dellorto carbs are easier to tune then 6, but appear to be up to the job. I imagine the sound of six cylinders with each of their own exhaust offered on the 750 would be a great song, but for the 900 the six were funneled down into two.

Other changes going from 750 to 900 were the addition of mag wheels, duplex drive chain and rear disk. Reviews of the time give good grades on handling, but seem to fall short of the performance compared to the Japanese sixes, the CBX and the KZ1300. Drawbacks seem to be in the fit and finish allowed oil leaks with all those cylinder surfaces. The dry clutch also was not up to the task of putting 6 cylinders to one rear wheel.

The seller gives very little detail about the bike itself.

            If you’ve been looking for an original, unmolested, not passed around 900 Sei, this is the one. I bought this bike in 1990 from a friend, and have ridden it only for Sunday breakfast rides…..Also included is the original tool kit.

The pictures show a very clean bike with no obvious flaws. One of the criticism given in the few articles I read was that the design draws a lot from the Japanese CB750, and not an original Italian design (think Desmo twin) This might be a reason why so many cylinders work so well together and appear to give little mechanical problems.

If you are a high speed, well handling engine with a bike around it, this looks like a nice choice.