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Readers BMW K100RS

This BMW K100RS comes from a reader who saw the previous K100RS we highlighted in Blue and offers up their Red Brick for sale here on CSBFS. As we pointed out previously the K engine was a HUGE change from the 60 years of boxer twins that the Bavarian company had offered. The DOHC, liquid-cooled, fuel injected in line four laid on its side could as well have come from space when compared to the tradition BMW had fostered since 1923.

What BMW offered with this new engine was not to shabby. The 987cc came from four 67cmx70cm cylinders pushing a CR of 10.1:1 and generating 90hp at 6000rpm. The engine would continue to rev up to 8500 but was limited by the ECU that ran the Bosch LE-Jetronic fuel injection. This same injection system ran most of the BMW fleet of cars during the same time.

From the seller

I have decided to sell the best bike I have ever owned. I have owned it for 17 yrs. It has a little less than 59,000. miles. It is in immaculate condition. The extras are; Storz Ceriani front forks, Koni rear shocks, La Pera seat, newer handle bars with bar backs, extended mirrors, new battery, super trap exhaust, cover, stock forks, extra wheel, parts and manual. This Bike is now a classic collectors. Check out this link and see for yourself. He can explain it much better than I can.


Call Peter at 805-559-4995


Peter said in his email that he has always kept the bike garaged and is willing to answer any questions that you might have. He also said that he thought he would never sell this bike, but is looking for $4000. He also included a video highlighting some of the features of the K100RS, so if you are interested and want a “tour” of the brand, check out the video below. BB

Peter just added from comments

I would like to mention that I also have the original strap on gas tank bag, the original starage box that attaches to the back rack,  a black bra that covers the front fearing, the original front forks, an extra front wheel with the tire, and the Red paint on the tank, without the black cover, is in the same great shape as the rest of the bike.  I am located in Ventura County, California for anyone that is interested.


1985 BMW K100RS

So what is the demographic targeted by a Sports Touring motorcycle? People that want to go fast but have stuff to carry? People that want to go fast, but comfortably? People that want to go fast in the twisties, but not on their hands? Anyone that doesn’t want a classic American Cruiser? This is who BMW targeted when they designed their sports touring bikes, and this 1985 K100RS (Reisesport) offered on eBay was a major change in the 60 years history of the maker.

The K series of bike left the traditions of BMW behind, and almost left their core fans. An in line 4 cylinders laid on its side compared to the opposed twin Boxer. Liquid cooled compared to air cooled. Fuel injection compared to twin carburetors. Shaft drive compared to shaft drive. Ok that last one not so much.

The seller of this Brick has very little to say

For Sale is a 1985 BMW K-100 RS, under 10K miles.  Dealer Serviced and Heated Storage since New, Second Owner.  Has New Metzler Tires, WestCo Gel Battery, BMW Hard Bags, Top Case, Battery Tender.

Like New, Mint, None Nicer

What you do get in the way of sport is 983cc of 10.2:1 CR giving you 90bhp that will push the 548 lb bike (plus what ever you can stuff in the bags) to a top speed of 136 mph. If you had waited for the 1989 model you would have gotten 2 more valves per cylinder and 10 more HP and 6 more mph. The sport is defined by the size of the fairing, on the RS, a small compact fairing that may remind you of the bikini fairing of the R90S. Stepping up in Touring and away from Sport you would get the RT and then the pinnacle of luxury, the LT.

If you are someone that wants to be comfortable on your classic, and want modern (for the 1980’s) stylings, the K100RS might be the bike for you. But be prepared to possibly get a cold shoulder (air cooled?) from other Real BMW riders.