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Road-Going Ducati Special: 1978 Ducati 900 NCR for Sale

1978 Ducati 900 NCR R Side

NCR has been building Ducati specials and tuning parts since their inception in 1967, although today their complete bikes are more high-end exotic lifestyle accessories for one-upping your Bimota Tesi-mounted buddies: their M16 is actually a massively-lightened Desmosedici that weighs in at 319lbs before you gas it up and is worth about as much as a nice suburban house. Because that’s just what the Desmo needed: a better power-to-weight ratio. Or, if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the M16, their air-cooled M4 weighs 286lbs with oil but without gas…

1978 Ducati 900 NCR L Side Front

But NCR also built the Isle of Man Ducati raced by Mike Hailwood, so their vintage credentials are bona fide: they’re far more than another titanium moto-jewelry manufacturer.

This massively-faired bike from 1978 includes an aftermarket but very cool “gear-gazer” clear cam cover that displays the gear-drive for the overhead camshaft on the rear cylinder in all its glory. And NCR’s signature one-piece tank-and-tail bodywork also features a distinctive unpainted strip on the side of the tank so the fuel level is clearly visible through the translucent fiberglass.

1978 Ducati 900 NCR R Side Tank

That enormous fairing looks like it will provide plenty of protection for high-speed runs, and the bike appears to be in excellent condition. The seller’s description of this road-biased bike is very spare, but luckily very clear photos are included. From the original eBay listing: 1978 Ducati 900 NCR for Sale

Incredible opportunity to own a real NCR. Stumbled on this bike, along with a 1974 Ducati 750 SS, while at a Mostra Scambio, in Rimini, Italy December 2001. Extensive top end work by one of the best bevel drive mechanics in North America

1978 Ducati 900 NCR L Side Engine

This would really be an excellent moment for the seller to do a bit of name-dropping: vintage performance circles are relatively small, and I’m sure buyers would love to know who had their hands on this one. And what does “extensive top end work” entail? Are we talking maintenance or performance work?

1978 Ducati 900 NCR Cockpit

While in many cases, a spare description of a motorcycle simply implies that the seller assumes prospective buyers will know what they’re getting into, that isn’t necessarily true of NCR bikes: to my knowledge, none of them are really “stock.” NCR was always a race bike and parts manufacturer, the very antithesis of standardization, making valuation of this machine difficult. Although assuming the parts are the real-deal, anything genuine NCR is valuable, on top of the already desirable bevel-drive, desmo-head Ducati drivetrain.

Bidding north of $15,000 with plenty of time left on the auction, so we’ll see where this ends up.


1978 Ducati 900 NCR Shop

One for the Road: 1982 Ducati NCR TT for Sale

1982 Ducati NCR TT L Front

Almost literally a one-of-a-kind motorcycle, this Ducati-powered NCR is one of only two bikes built that were originally intended for road use, although several of the racebikes have apparently been converted for street duty. The one-piece tank and tail-section are distinctive NCR design features and the Verlicchi frame and monoshock rear were both advanced features for the time.

1982 Ducati NCR TT R Engine

If you’re not familiar with NCR, their history is intertwined with Ducati, and they are responsible for building some of their most famous racebikes, including Mike Hailwood’s Isle of Man machine. Powered by the 600cc version of Ducati’s then-new Pantah L-twin still found in air-cooled models today, although this earlier configuration has the carburetor feeding the rear cylinder in a more traditional, entirely less-compact location.

1982 Ducati NCR TT Dash

There are lots of great details on this bike, including the vintage Kröber racing tachometer. And where can I get one of those cut-out “DUCATI” front sprocket covers?

1982 Ducati NCR TT L Engine

The listing includes the full history of this bike which, it turns out, sounds pretty dramatic, considering it has no racing history at all…

From the original eBay listing: 1982 Ducati NCR TT Roadbike for Sale

Scuderia NCR TT. One of only two road bikes made by the legendary Ducati race team.

Approximately nine frames were made by Verlicchi for the Pantah based bikes.Seven were in racing style. With six being mono shock and one twin shock.

The whereabouts of all seven race bikes are known. Three went to Australia (two converted to road bike, including the one twin shock), one was never assembled, One each to Sweden (written off), Germany (converted to road), and two in Italy, including one in a ‘Old Racing Spare Parts’ museum. Mario Sassi has confirmed that mine is an original Verlicchi built frame.

Two were built in road style. One was in silver/red with full fairing (photo 24) and one in red/silver with half fairing. Mine is the only one ever built where the one piece tank/seat unit is in alloy and fiberglass.   

These road bikes were never made available to the public but produced by commission only. 

1982 Ducati NCR TT R Rearset

With a focus on racing, machines from NCR are obviously not series-production bikes. Like modern NCR’s, they are built upon request to customer specifications and are of the “if you have to ask” variety. This is pretty clear from the bidding, which is up to $37,500 with just one day left on the auction. That’s a ton of dough for a Pantah-based Ducati, but accurately reflects the rarity and racing heritage of both parents. Or “all three,” if we include frame builders Verlicchi.

This same bike was up for auction last year, with a $50,000 Buy It Now price, so perhaps the actual value lies somewhere in between?


1982 Ducati NCR TT L Side

1980 Ducati Custom for Sale

1980 Ducati Custom L Front

This is a one-of-a-kind custom naked Ducati.  I’ve seen a few Pantah-based customs come up for sale recently, perhaps because, for a while, they were cheap to buy and the huge fairings and 80’s styling were considered pretty uncool until pretty recently.  Or maybe people just thought that early trellis frame should be on display.  This one is claimed to have an “NCR type frame” and it definitely doesn’t look stock.

The belt-driven, single overhead cam Pantah motor still lives on in modern, air-cooled Ducatis and has featured displacements from 500 to 1100 cc’s, although this early bike probably originally had a 500 or 600.  The seller mentions that it has a new 650 in it, most likely from the Cagiva Alazzurra that used a version of Ducati’s famous L-twin.

1980 Ducati Custom Clocks

Don’t let the smallish displacement fool you though: what these twins lack in outright power, they make up for in midrange thunder.  The basic hard parts are very durable, respond well to tuning, and while they do require regular maintenance, they can be very reliable.

From the original eBay listing: 1980 Ducati Custom for Sale

You are bidding on a  Ducati  with a specilal frame and body work, the chassis and body work was imported by Jimmy Adamo in the late 80:s, some one then put a  new 650 cc engine  and components in the frame and built the bike, engine had been hopped up along with race type exhaust system etc. When I got the bike I put on Marvic magnesium wheels, had the frame nickel plated, built the clutch you see, added the racing type full floating rotors, Brembo Gold line calipers, stainless lines, added the alloy rear swing arm, steering damper, etc,etc,. The bike also has 38 mm front forks with alloy upper and lower steering triple clamps. This bike has won numerous awards at shows, finished  second  overall at the Cycle World show at the Javits center in New York. The bike has been off the road for 10 years  and stored in a climate controlled garage,  I just rebuilt the cylinder heads and carbs, the gas tank-seat assembly is fiber glass and we cut the bottom out and cleaned up the inside of the tank, reassembled it and Caswelled the entire inside of tank, the tank is now  ethanol and fuel proof. the brakes and clutch are on silicon brake fluid and work perfectly. I just put a brand new battery in , bike runs  great and sounds like a racing smallblock Chevy

1980 Ducati Custom Engine

I’m a big fan of the air-cooled Pantah motor: until you’ve heard the clanking, hissing, rasping, thudding cacophony of one, you really haven’t lived, and even the smallest Ducati twins can sound truly fierce.  That vented cover shows off the dry clutch , although I’d consider putting some covers over those cam belts: I love the exposed look, but one stray rock…


1980 Ducati Custom R Rear Susp

The starting bid is set at $5,000 and there’s been no real interest with a few days left on the auction.  I actually prefer the original Pantah’s bulbous fairing and classic silver, blue, and red paint, but you certainly won’t see anything like this at your local bike night, and the rare parts are certainly very cool.  Although I’d lose that plastic hugger on the rear wheel and those fakey carbon-look turn signals as soon as I got it home…


1980 Ducati Custom R Side

1980 NCR Replica Ducati Pantah 500SL Race Bike for Sale

1980 NCR Pantah Replica L Side Front

This is a pretty cool machine, a track-ready Ducati with NCR-replica parts like the very cool one-piece tank-and-tail section.  The Pantah was really the first Ducati of the modern age, a significant update of the earlier bevel-drive, tower-shaft twins that moved the company into the big leagues of bike manufacturing.  Originally a 500cc machine, it was quickly boosted to the 600, then 750, 900 and beyond.  And NCR is still around, making if-you-have-to-ask parts for well-heeled Ducatisti.

1980 NCR Pantah Replica R Engine

Modern trackbikes are tools.  That’s really the point: the bike itself is just a device for going fast, to develop your skill, connect you to the road.  But honestly, it’s a bit hard sometimes to tell the GSX-R’s from the ZX’s and the CBR’s and the 600’s and the 1000’s apart on track days as they go screaming past, and that does get a bit boring sometimes.  So things like this pique my interest:

1980 NCR Pantah Replica Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1980 NCR Replica Pantah 500SL Race Bike for Sale

This is a NCR race replica but I’m not really sure about much of the history. It’s very nicely done with some great upgraded hard parts like:

Bigger Brembo brakes

Marzocchi front end


Bitubo rear shocks 2-way adjustable


NCR replica bodywork

All electrical done very professionally with keyless ignition.

Race tach with shift light and billet fairing stay

I will show as much as I can in Pictures but I wish I knew more about the build because this really isn’t just thrown together in some guys garage.

Needs float bowl retainers and throtle cable to get the carbs together and have it running. I heard the motor run by spraying gas into the carb intake but have never had it riding.

1980 NCR Pantah Replica Bracket

This looks like it could be a great way to combine a love of track days and a love of vintage Ducatis! Will it be as fast as a modern machine?  Certainly not.  Will it challenge you and reward you and possibly require a bit more maintenance?  You bet it will. Clearly some real love has gone into it: just take a look at that fairing bracket!


1980 NCR Pantah Replica L Side Rear


1981 Ducati NCR Pantah for Sale

1981 Ducati Pantah 600 NCR RSide

If you’re looking for exotic carbon fiber and titanium jewelry for your Italian exotic, you can’t do much better than NCR.  CRG, Speedymoto, Termignoni, OZ Racing, Marchesini?  For peasants.  NCR is the original: they were founded in 1967 and developed Mike Hailwood’s Isle of Mann Ducati racebike.  You know?  The machine on this website’s masthead?  They’re still around, making if-you-have-to-ask-you-can’t-afford-it, Ducati-powered complete machines, like the Desmosedici-powered M16 that is actually lighter than the donor bike.

1981 Ducati Pantah 600 NCR LSide Detail

The seller includes a wealth of historical information in his original ad to get you up to speed on this rare and exotic machine, so if you need a solid history lesson, take a look:

1981 Ducati Pantah NCR for Sale

Thanks for sticking with me so far. Finally, on to this motorcycle. It is a Scuderia N.C.R. T. T F2 600 Tony Rutter Replica Panthilever SuperPantah with Rino Caracchi type frame. Title says 1981, but may be 82 or 83. It’s one of about ten frames built, and I believe the only one ever built from a ‘road kit’. The condition is excellent, and the build quality is superb. The mechanical condition I’d rate as a 10 out of 10, and the cosmetics about a 9.5 out of 10. I’ve ridden the bike just once. It seems to run fine. The last full service, including belts was completed in 2005. There is no mileage counter, so the actual mileage is unknown. But looking at all the wear indicators, I’d suspect the actual mileage to be extremely low. The only minor flaw is a small dent in the NCR stamped exhaust system, that may have been there since new, or may have been done intentionally. It is also missing the rear view mirror, but the mounting hardware is still there. Make no mistake, this is the only chance you will ever have to own a genuine Scuderia N.C.R. road bike. Do not confuse this bike with the many replicas and look-a-likes. Often bikes are described as N.C.R.s when they are in fact Ducatis with body kits. U.S title. The frame number and title reflects the original donor bike. This makes importing, registering and insuring the bike much easier. Expert crating is available for overseas customers. Viewing welcomed with pick up service from Nashville airport. I have many detailed photographs available for those who are seriously interested. I’m open to offers.

1981 Ducati Pantah 600 NCR Dash

I really have no idea what a fair price for this machine might be: it’s nearly a one-of-a-kind bike.  The Buy It Now price is just under $50,000 so if you’ve got an 80’s exotica-sized hole in your collection and a big fat income refund check headed your way, this might just be the ticket.


1981 Ducati Pantah 600 NCR L Side

1976 Bevel Drive 860 GT NCR Café Replica Special

Slab-sided and so very 70’s, this is a pretty trick bike.  It sports a one-piece tank and tail-section from NCR, and the bike looks like a vintage racetrack refugee, excepting the headlights and turn signals.

Never heard of NCR?  Well you’ve seen an NCR bike before.  Take a look at the top of this page: the masthead bike is the IOM Ducati raced by Mike Hailwood and developed by NCR.

Founded in 1967 in the western suburbs of Bologna the company has built Ducati-based specials for many years and has been very active in all levels of racing.  These days, they also make significantly lightened [?!] Ducati Desmosedicis, hyper-exotic, carbon and titanium confections for the well-heeled enthusiast.  But don’t fret: if you’re not able to pony up the if-you-have-to-ask you might need for a carbon-framed M16, you can browse their catalog of titanium and carbon jewelry made for more pedestrian Ducatis.







Take a look here for the original eBay listing: 1976 Bevel Drive 860 GT NCR Café Replica Special

The ad lists a bunch of the significant updates and modifications to the original 860GT on which this bike is based:


The seller also helpfully includes a clip of it running:

There are six full days left on the auction as of this writing with no bidding activity and I really have no idea how high this will go.  It’s a custom project and not at all original, but is well put together and includes some very rare and valuable parts.


Incredible Ducati NCR collection for sale!

For Sale:
1978 Ducati 860 NCR
1979 Ducati NCR 950 Endurance
1980 Ducati NCR “Power House Special”

Located in Japan are three fantastic Ducati racers – all in sublime condition and with impressive pedigree. All are in showroom condition and ready to ride, and any one of these bikes is enough to make the stout-hearted absolutely weak in the knees!

Here is a great shot of all three bikes together. Let’s take them one by one.

Bike #1: 1978 Ducati 860 NCR

From the seller:
1978 860 NCR which known as “Hailwood One of 10”
This bike was appeared in Japanese magazine “Car Graphic” in Jan-1980.

Engine No 088974 DM860.

We replaced the piston rings from our stocked genuine NOS and brand new shims recently.
Now it’s all completed and stored in dry condition.
The last opportunity of a life time to own this extremely rare NCR in fully original condition

Bike #2: 1979 Ducati NCR 950 Endurance

From the seller:
A real ex factory bike of total 5 build in 1979.
Everything original, race ready, kept in dry.
This bike is real – made by NCR 1979
It was built for IOM classic TT on 1979

This bike was ridden a trial heat by very famous rider, but he did not ride this bike for the final round (He rode for Suzuki then)
After that, French motorcycle dealer “Val D’oise Competition” bought it.
Then it was brought to Japan.

Engine has been totally restored by using genuine spares in perfect working order.
Race ready bike.
Engine # DM860 088982
Frame # 860 089901

Bike #3: 1980 Ducati NCR “Power House Special”

From the seller:
Build by NCR, Orderd by Japanese Ducati dealer “Power House” .
One of the most famous NCR to Japanese.
This bike appear in the book “Ducati Racing”
Ready to race.
Frame# 860SS 802619
Engine# DM860 802619

There is something really special about NCR Ducatis. Maybe it is the purpose-built look and functionality that draws the eye; there are details everywhere, and any one of the pictures is good for extended study. Whether it is the unpainted area on the composite tanks (a zero weight fuel gauge) or the swiss-cheesed ancillary bits made of unobtanium metals (check out the “vented” clutch covers), each piece of these amazing machines is simply enthralling. Somewhere there is a lucky new owner to be…

These three bikes are availble now – either as a collection or individually. The seller can be contacted through Collezione-Giappone S.p.A. for those serious enough to inquire about details, pricing and shipping. The bikes are listed as genuine NCR items, and all are located in Japan. Additional images can be found here.

Good luck to the seller, and all my envy to the buyers to be!