1979 Honda CBX for Sale

1979 Honda CBX L Front

The big, brawny Honda CBX was a grand “touring” bike from the era when that meant the bike had relaxed ergomics, effortless, arm-stretching power, and room for a passenger.  No GPS, no heated grips, no fairing, no iPod dock, no speakers.  Just a comfortable seat, two wheels, a fuel tank, some instruments to tell you what’s going on, and tons of silky-smooth power from that huge straight-six laid across the frame and a huge cascade of shining exhaust pipes.  Well, it would have a shining cascade of exhaust pipes, if this one wasn’t missing that particular bit…

1979 Honda CBX R Dash

We all ride bikes for the stimulation they provide, the sensory input, and the CBX makes a glorious howl, like an Italian car.

The seller is a person of relatively few words:

up for sale is an original 20,000 mile 1979 cbx 1000 inline 6. has paperwork, been sitting for couple years, will need slight tank cleaning on the inside, and the rear master cylinder, needs an exhaust system, and a shift lever to complete. up close the paint has a couple small paint chips and one or 2 small scratches but no dents, the bike overall is an 8 or 9 out of 10. the paint shines excellent, some slight pitting on engine chrome but it looks great otherwise. Super clean 1979 cbx 1000 it is an eye grabber. was going to get a nice DG pipe and keep it but too many projects needing funds is the reason for sale. Bike will not disappoint being a rare one as well. email any questions, shipping is fine as long as the buyer works out details. please contact me if you are the winning bidder after the auction.

comprises the whole of the original eBay listing: 1979 Honda CBX1000 for Sale.

1979 Honda CBX R Tank Top

Later CBX models were touring bikes in the more contemporary style, sprouting huge Windjammer-style fairings and luggage.  I know I very much prefer the earlier, UJM-on-steroids style of the earlier bikes.  Ratty examples often get rebuilt into snorting, Spondon-framed customs of all stripes, but this one looks a bit too nice to chop up. Find a nice used set of headers, or have a shop bend some up for you.  Or leave them off and terrorize the neighborhood?  This one definitely goes into my fantasy garage.


1979 Honda CBX R Side