1975 Suzuki GT550 Cafe Racer for Sale

1975 Suzuki GT550 L Front

The Suzuki GT550 is a bit forgotten, lost-in-the-shuffle model. It seems a strange candidate to soup up or hot-rod, unless maybe it’s what you happened to have lying around the shop. Which I guess is the most inspiring thing about the whole custom-bike movement: can’t afford to just go out and buy your dream bike? Well, you can modify your current steed to get it as close as you can. And with a bit of creativity, you can even come up with something like this one we featured a while back.

1975 Suzuki GT550 Dash

The two-stroke 550 triple was a middle child, and is generally less collectible than other displacements because it was just a wee bit too big to compete in 500cc races, leaving it with no motorsports associations. Unusually for a motorcycle engine, it’s actually undersquare, with a longer stroke dimension than bore. Think “Audi 1.8T” versus “Honda VTEC” and you’ll get the idea: good midrange torque and drivability. It’s hard today to think of a bike so austere as a “touring bike”, but that’s really the target Suzuki was aiming for with the GT-series triples.

1975 Suzuki GT550 Front Engine

Translated from the very emphatic Capitalese of the original eBay listing: Suzuki GT550 Café Racer for Sale

Includes most “take-off” parts [not all- seat/pipes]
Matching serial numbers
Professionally rebuilt & re-glassed instruments
New bobber-style headlamp with new LOUD horn
Tapered roller headstock bearings
New flat bars, switches, grips, levers, and rebuilt master cylinder
New cables, new LED direction signals
Rebuilt forks with GT750 double discs, drilled & skimmed with SS braided lines and rebuilt calipers with new pucks
New rear shocks & rebuilt vented rear brake with new shoes
New tires, new chain, and new sprockets
Boyer Bransden electronic ignition properly timed with “HO” coils, wires, and plugs
Superlite lithium-ion battery
Milled head, new pistons & rings [standard size] ported & matched with all new gaskets
Jemco nickel-plated expansion chambers [$800] and rebuilt, rejetted carbs with all new jets, seals, floats, and gaskets
Stainless steel fasteners throughout
Standard intake system modified for free air flow
Race seat with rearset controls
Original factory paint- with a few blemishes
Factory gear indicator works fine
Includes original owner’s manual, service manual [2] and Suzuki parts book
**Uses factory oil injection**

1975 Suzuki GT550 L Engine

The GT550 was a contemporary of Kawasaki’s notorious wild-child H1, but delivered smoother power delivery and better stability. It’s interesting how the very qualities that made it a better motorcycle also doomed it to relative obscurity: The H1’s evil reputation has made it the drag-bike two-stroke to collect, whereas the Zook is still relatively unremembered.

But “unremembered” can also mean “cheaper.” And, while it does suffer from somewhat bland “UJM Syndrome” styling, that distinctive ram-air scoop on top of the engine certainly makes it easy to identify.


1975 Suzuki GT550 L Tank