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When you think Sport Touring does 50cc come to mind? 1962 DUCATI SPORT 48

1962 Ducati For Sale

Well if it does, you’re a friend of mine. For a short period of time Ducati insisted that small cc two strokes were the basket that all the eggs should go in. They weren’t right for the long term but for awhile two strokes kept them afloat. The Sport was imported to the US as the Falcon. They are a rare find in any condition and one that’s all original in this kind of condition could set some kind of record for most money paid per cc or something. There are claims that it will go more mph than it has cc’s, can your 1000cc do that? Aside from being rare they are so simple and so aesthetically appealing that they can be a pretty neat addition to any collection.


Seller’s words:

1962 DUCATI SPORT 48. Completely original and in good running and riding condition. 48cc. 2 stroke. 3 speed. Maker’s claim 50mph (downhill with a slight tail wind??).

    Hard to find. Interesting addition to any serious Ducati collection. It was my intention to restore it but it has great patina as is and I would recommend leaving it alone.  It is a duplicate in my collection so I have put a fair reserve price.

    Sold with BILL OF SALE ONLY. eBay does not show a “bill of sale” category in the listing so I have put “clear title”. I repeat: this bike is  SOLD WITH BILL OF SALE ONLY. Please check the registration requirements in your state before bidding. This bike cannot be exported until a title is obtained.

    You are welcome to visit in Tarzana (San Fernando Valley part of Los Angeles).

    Speedo reads 6960 kms but this may not be the original mileage.


OK, but does it have a title? Haha, I like how there are so many annoying people out there that sellers have to write in all caps to get their point across. Oh wait, I don’t like that but it is kinda funny. Do yourself a favor and check this auction out.


1978 Yamaha RD400

Wanna get into classic sports bikes on the cheap? This little RD400 would be a good gateway in. Very clean with the  period correct parts to give it the perfect amount of extra performance. The seller is short and to the point so I will be too.

1978 Yamaha RD400 For Sale on eBay

Here’s his description.

Yamaha Motorcyle RD in Pristine condition.

New battery
Gold anodized DG Heads
Spec II chambers 
KN Air Filters
Steering Stabalizer, (not yet installed you will have to install)
Fresh tune up all fluids changed
Rear Sets
Runs great, award winning at local shows.  A thumbs up from Jay Leno, who saw this bike in person. 
Downsizing my toy box. 
No known oil leaks
Own a piece of history and childhood. 

I like how he sneaks Jay Leno, Childhood and no oil leaks in there. He’s like a surgeon with his words. Seriously though, this bike is great and should go for a fair price that an average guy could afford. If you’re going to ride this a bunch and don’t need it to be a totally stock bike, change the wheels. The wheels on these bikes could be cut into pieces and used as boats anchors. I agree they look the part but they weigh a ton. Other than that the bike is a very neat and sporty piece of Classic Sport Bike history


That’s cute little guy 1973 Yamaha RD 60

I don’t have any race history or famous associated names to drop in relation to this bike but just look at it. Yamaha was shooting for gas mileage when they produced these sport tiddlers. You can expect 90 mpg during regular riding, as long as you aren’t going up a grade steeper than 18%. Power is something you won’t be bragging about until you get to 5500 rpms, then it gets onto the pipe and you really feel all of the 4 hp it has. Look, I know it’s not our usual thing on this blog but I just had to post it.

Here’s the seller’s comments.

Original Mileage ……280 miles
When I purchased this RD 60 ….I had our local tech run and inspect the oil injection system,
Oil lines,Gear box and Motor.
After Gas was drained to store.
Motor is tight,Trans is tight ….No Disappointments
The Head light Bucket has a scratch on the top side.
Tires are Original
This Yamaha Won ….Best of Class @ the Santa Cruz Calif. Classic Bike Show This Year
The only reason I’m offering this, I started sponsoring in the Vintage Flat Track World.
I now have 3 Yamaha TT500’s and the garage needs some space freed up to actually move around !
Please serious buyers only,I’m to busy at work.
Anyone with less than 10 feedback’s …”please contact first”……otherwise your bids will not be considered” period”.
500.00 deposit due within 24 hours of auction closing ….balance in 7 days.
This bike is in San Jose Calif ……pick up will have to  work our work schedule.
”  Want to sell to a Collector…..this Yamaha with this Low mileage took a long time to come across”.
Clear…… “Original”…… South Dakota Title.
Buyer Responsible for all shipping arrangement’s and charges

I think his asking price is a little high but all these 1970’s two strokes are gaining value fast. Somebody has a mantel piece big enough for this sport bike to fit on. I’ve seen 80cc Italian engines used as book ends. One up those guys, trash all your books and put this on the shelf. 🙂

Click here for motorcycle art.


What a Teaze 1974 Yamaha TZ750A

I’m not old enough to remember these bikes circling the race tracks so I can’t paint a verbal picture of how awesome that might have been. I can however imagine it based on videos I’ve seen and the short list of these I’ve seen in person.  When I think of rare, beautiful and fun, this bike is definitely one that comes to mind. The seller leaves a long and thorough description so I’ll stop blabbering here and you can read for yourself what’s up with this bike.

1974 Yamaha TZ750A for sale on eBay Motors

From the seller:

1974 Yamaha TZ750A: Engine & Frame Number 409 – 000245.

HISTORY: The Yamaha was originally owned by Steve Morehead, the well known Ohio rider. It was raced in 1974 at Talledega and Daytona (practice only) and then acquired by Scot Erickson who also rode it in 1974 at Ontario Motor Speedway, California. In 1975 Scot rode it at Laguna Seca and in lesser races at later dates. He sold the bike to me in 1989 and it has been recently restored.

ORIGINALITY: Matching numbers are stamped on the engine and frame. Both the left and right cylinder barrels have “347cc 40900” cast on the rear. See early style piston with rearward inlet slots in picture 16. The wheel rims are stamped “Daido Japan 30 B 2.15 x 18 409F” & “Daido Japan 30 C 3.000 x 18 409R”. Tires are Goodyear Motorcycle Road Racer 3.25-18 & 3.50-18.

The Yamaha was restored carefully following the TZ750 Parts List for authenticity and is original except for the following:

1) The rear of the frame has been modified for a “Laid Down” shock absorber installation. The footrest and rear brake lever mounts have been modified to suit. The shock absorbers are replacement Marzocchi 1 (N.2Kg/cm.cm.) The swing arm is unchanged.

2) The rear brake caliper mounting arm has been modified, as shown in picture 19.

3) Exhaust Pipes 1 & 2 and also 3 & 4 are each attached with small welded plates. See picture 13.

4) The fuel tank has been modified for “Quick Fill” and the installed petcock has (2) spigots.

5) The chain guard and rear fender are missing.

CONDITION: The Fairing, Fuel Tank, Seat, Front Fender, Frame and the black attaching parts have been professionally painted to the highest standard.

The seat was recently upholstered.

The Front and Rear Brake Master Cylinders have been serviced with new Cup & Master Cylinder Kits.

The right side rear wheel rim has a small crack and both tires are in poor condition.

The left side shock absorber spring has some scuff marks as shown in the last picture.


1) The mileage is unknown and the listed mileage is an approximation.

2) The cylinder bores were lubricated during storage.

3) I have never had the engine running.

4) Engine compression, gear selection and clutch operation are normal.

5) Engine coolant and hydraulic brake fluid are not installed.

6) A few “non-Yamaha” metric fasteners have been used.

7) The fasteners have not been correctly torqued and are not wire locked.

8) The Yamaha does not have a Title.

9) The Yamaha has been stored in temperature controlled conditions.

10) Please do not ask for a BUY IT NOW price. The Yamaha will run the duration of the auction.

I have seen two of these in person and they rough, raw race ready machines. Keep in mind that if you are thinking of racing this you’ll want to make a complete check of all bolts inside and out. The seller mentions some bolts aren’t torqued. If you want to put this in your living room and sit on while watching the Isle of man TT invite me, that sounds fun. Just keep in mind I can be very convincing and we might end up taking turns ripping this Teazer down your street.