The Green Frame’s big brother: 1977 Ducati Super Sport 900

For Sale: 1977 Ducati Super Sport 900 SS

When Brian wrote up the details on a 1974 Ducati “Green Frame” 750 Super Sport, little did we know that we would soon be writing up that bike’s bigger brother – and from the same collection! Fortunately for all of us, this collection contains bikes that are in impeccable shape and condition; and today’s bike is no exception.

Instead of using the cover shot of Ian Falloon’s book as an example of the breed, this seller can point to the cover of the book as this *exact* bike! That’s right, folks – not only is this a very desirable, classic Ducati, but it also comes with an impressive pedigree. With very low miles (less than 2,000!) and in its unrestored condition, this is a very presentable motorcycle one does not see often. Brian presented this pretty black/gold bike on CSBFS just a few weeks ago. Before then, the last Super Sports shown on these pages were actually published on our sister site – RareSportBikesForSale. There is a ’77 900SS similar to this one (but highly modified), and a ’80 black/gold bike. None of those bikes had quite the history as this one.

From the seller:
Up for auction is a 1977 Ducati 900 SS (Super Sport). This is a very clean motorcycle that I am selling for my Dad who is selling his collection. This bike is the exact bike that is on the cover of Ian Falloons book titled Original Ducati Sport and Super Sport. It is also pictured 15 different times from page 67 to 73.

The Vin# is DM860SS086974 and Motor # is 087129. The odometer shows 1,910 Miles.

The condition of the bike is fantastic. This is a low mile unrestored original example. There are some small chips and blemishes in the original paint. It does come with a free and clear Michigan Title.

Purists will note that the ’74 “Green Frame” 750 Super Sport is the most desireable of these classic, bevel Ducatis. However the later models of the SS line benefit from an increase in displacement to 900cc, as well as updated and more modern componentry. If you were looking for a rider rather than just a looker, the later models are probably for you.

There has also been much debate amongst the car and bike collector set with regards to the celebrity value that is added at time of sale. In this case, the celebrity aspect being the published model in a pretty well-known documentary of Ducatis. Generally speaking, the thinking is that celebrity ownership does not necessarily bring more dollars at auction, however in this case the fact that this particular bike has been so well documented must certainly add to its authenticity – and hence the value.

This bike is available at auction now, and interest has been very high. With several days remaining, there have been over 20 bids on this bike, with the current price sitting just below $30k. The reserve has still not been met, meaning that there is still plenty of time to get in on the action. To see more details, view the photos and check out the bidding wars, . Tell ’em you saw it on CSBFS!


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2 Responses

  1. Djani says:

    It must really hurt to break up this collection but I am sure the next custodians of these bikes will be well pleased. This USA 77 model is a really gorgeous survivor and yet it may be seen to be historically caught between two even more superb models; the 75 900SS and the 78 Blue and Silver 900SS. But really, if you love these bikes, what can you do when confronted with such an exemplary bike? It will be worth every cent.

  2. Mike says:

    Well said, Djani! Well said. The next owner will be lucky indeed – with any bike from this amazing collection!