Vintage Race Replica: 1969 Triumph Daytona T100 Percy Tait Replica for Sale

1969 Triumph T100 Daytona Race Bike R Side

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Today’s bike is a pretty cool vintage racing Triumph Daytona that appears to be extremely well-prepared and is specifically built with endurance and long-distance racing in mind. If you’re not familiar with Percy Tait, you likely won’t be surprised to find that he raced Triumphs, and was also a Triumph development rider and racked up huge miles on various prototypes. Wikipedia tells me he is alive and well and is currently a champion… breeder of rare sheep.

Does it get any more English than that?

1969 Triumph T100 Daytona Race Bike L Side Rear

There is plenty of additional information at the original eBay listing: 1969 Triumph Percy Tait Replica

T100 Daytona as used 1969 Belgian Grand Prix in Spa where it took second place behind an MV Agusta ridden by Giacomo Agostini.

With the rare Ken Sprayson Frame only made for the 1969 GP Triumph machine. 
Ridden on the Manx Grand Prix 2003 and 2004 by York Runte.
Tuning by Winkelmann and OIF-Racing teamready too race, tested 2014 in Pannoniaring Hungary, was ridden two times the Isle of Man Manx grand prix with good results 2003 and 2004. All working, tested, and proved: no “need some work” or funny constructions that fall apart in the first lap…

65.5mm stroke as T100, belt conversion, stainless exhaust tested and optimized with test bench
specially made 5 speed gearbox
47.5 horsepower on the rear wheel at 7500 revs, good torque, smooth running no hole at some revs…. 
Vibrations absolutely okay, much better than all other racers I was riding before

Yes, you could tune for some more power at higher revs and with losing some torque in the midrange, the former owners decided this is a good compromise of smooth running, less repair than with the last 5 extra horsepower you could get out of this engine.  There is an extra pair of new forged pistons and cylinder with the bike that could be changed to bit more compression or just used as spare part and copy the momental piston shape.
This engine version is for long distance races like the Isle of Man.

1969 Triumph T100 Daytona Race Bike R Side Front

It’s pretty cool that the original bike’s claim to fame was actually losing to the peerless Agostini! There’s no shame in that! The bike is currently located in Munich, Germany and is listed with a $16,500 Buy It Now price, which would normally be a bit steep for a Triumph, but actually seems pretty fair for such a well-prepared vintage race bike.


1969 Triumph T100 Daytona Race Bike

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  1. sr88 says:

    There is a couple of chapters in the book “Triumph Experimental” about the development of the 500cc engine for AMA and European racing. Triumph put alot of development into that engine in conjunction with the 750cc triples. The ’70 and later 500cc Daytona’s got alot of knowledge Triumph learned. I think the ’70 and later is the 500cc to get.
    The book tells about 500cc “Specials” Percy raced.