Wanna H1? How about the H1’s little older brother?

Update 11.10.2012: Back on eBay after failing to meet reserve the first time we listed in September at $3950. Bidding is currently up to $3050 with over 5 days to go. Links updated. -dc

The Tristar Triple 350. The 1972 Kawasaki S2 350. An excellent classic small cc sport bike. A tag line from Kawasaki from a sales brochure said this, “Mach II-first supermachine in it’s class. First in power. First in speed and acceleration. First in the race for space. Take-off time is now. The place: your nearest kawasaki dealer.” I love how modest they were:) Have you ever heard “its hard to be humble when you’re as good as me?” I think that’s what Kawasaki was trying to say in the early 70’s when they put all those two-stroke triples on the road. They solved the heat issue with the center cylinder well enough to put these on race tracks around the world and in your garage if you wanted to pretend you were a professional racer. The seller claims this to be a rare color, whatever the case, is I dig it!

Here’s what he has to say.

Absolutely stunning machine. Bike runs as good as it looks. Rare, early, Euro. paint. According to one Kawasaki expert, that we all know, there are only 4 others in the U.S. with this color scheme. Bike was taken down to the frame and completely gone thru. All fasteners are the original hollow top bolts that where zinced. All black parts where powder coated. Frame gloss black. Chain guard, headlight ears,brake hub are low gloss, as original. Engine side covers powder coated to exacting specs. Bike was assembeled to Kawasaki guidelines as found on the web @ Kawasaki Triples Resources. Bike was aquired with .40 over bore. New OEM pistons, rings, brngs. New clutch, wheel brngs, tires, seat cover. OEM pipes rechromed. Paint is Candytone White. Center pipe has the ever so common dings. Bearly noticable on this machine. New OEM wiring harness and turn signals. NOTHING on this machine has been over looked. OEM air box and tool pouch!! Speedo reads 23024, but this machine has about 30 mins. break-in time.

Bike is as complete as they come. No dissapointments with this one. No “it needs this or that” Fly in, ride home. That simple. I build show winners and this machine is no exception. Ride or park in your livingroom.

I really like the small cc two stroke bikes for their fun nimble and lightness. This bike could easily be entered in a bike show, kept in your living room, ridden around town, ridden on backroads or all four. Even if you don’t want a small cc bike i don’t see how you could not love this little gem. Check it out here.


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