1920’ish Indian Board Track racer


Right now board track replicas are very popular with the custom motorcycle set. Long, lean, with bicycle like seats and upside down handle bars. But like the story goes, every once and a while the real thing comes out of a barn, and is offered up for sale. In this case this 1920 (‘ish) Indian Board Track racer has only been put away for 20 years, and not 80 years.


From the seller

This Indian racer has been sitting in the back of my shop for many years. The number on the engine cases is 70R868 which would indicate it is a 1920 PowerPlus 61 cubic inch motor but I have been told the top end is from a different model Indian?  It was purchased by my father in 1993 and I believe it was raced in DavenportIowa in 1993 or 1994. at the September Antique Motorcycle meet. The motor has not been started since then. I added oil and tried to start it but have not had any luck, it does have spark but it seems pretty weak so I assume the magnets in the magneto need to be “recharged” It will hit once or twice on starting fluid but won’t run. The motor seems to turn freely and feels like it has LOTS of compression. This is a push start only bike with NO BRAKES. The frame is VERY beat up with lots of dents dings and reinforcements brazed on as shown in the pictures. The gas/ oil tanks do hold fluid but have also been used and abused through the years. There appears to be Indian Red paint under the black paint but I have no idea what or where the frame came from


If you have read some of my previous posts, I have never been a believer of motorcycles sitting inside, as a display. But when it comes to a real, purpose build, no brakes, no transmission board track racer, I can understand. I believe that there is currently one annual Board Track race in the US, and it appear to be run at a horse track. There is also an annual gathering in Germany and they are lucky enough to have access to a concrete bicycle Velodrome. So if you were to pick this Indian Board Track racer up, unless you live way out of town, know the local police and have no stop signs to worry about, this bike will likely end up as a display in your home 363 days a year.BB